J. Castwell
April 6th, 1998

The "DAP"

I recently received an e-mail asking how to fly fish a ten foot wide stream with a nine foot fly rod. Oh yes, the banks were overgrown with brush. And, he said there was no place to make a cast. Well, sometimes a question is so easy it defies answering. The simple answer is ya' can't do it!

Not in the normal sense of the word, anyway. But, that does not mean you can not aggravate and bother the inhabitants which live there.

Some may suggest you use a very small (six foot) fly rod. I base the size of fly rod somewhat to the size of the intended quarry. A ten foot wide stream could be holding steelhead and be six feet deep. I would, instead, use a eight and half, or nine foot rod and do what has been done for literally centuries. I would pull out enough leader to reach the water and DAP.

You literally bounce the fly just on the surface. You're not getting more than a drift of a couple of inches. If you can see the fish, bounce it right over them. They will think it's some bug who just hit the water. Do it enough times they think there is a lot of them. This is a dry fly technique.

If you have not heard of this practice, it only means you have not read enough fly fishing books. You maybe have even done it, not knowing it had a name. If there was some other way someone would have figured it out and written a book about it by now. If there is, I have not yet read it.

Is it a type of cast? Can't say I would buy that. A method of pestering fish perhaps, or annoying them, but not a cast. Is it a way to break a fly rod? It is one of the many ways you can accomplish it, for sure. But, it is not a cast.

Now, if the stream is only ten feet wide and is shallow, then what? Well? So what! The size and type of fly are determined by the insects at the time. So are the leader and tippet. Nothing changes, with the possible exception the fish may be spookier than in a deeper stream.

So now to address the unheralded worm fisher. He with no organization, no library of books each resplendent with wonderful pictures of various worms in fetching poses. To him who has no need of excuses and never has been tempted to go that devious route, I say congratulations, you are indeed a man. A man in a man's world. One who needs no one. Needs no reason for not excelling. You simply go out and fish. As man was meant to do.~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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