J. Castwell
March 2nd, 1998

Big Names in Fly Casting

Why improve your fly casting? Catch more fish? Have more fun? Less work? Personal satisfaction?

Improve which part of it? Double-haul? Roll-cast? Presentation? Accuracy? Why bother, isn't casting just supposed to be a part of fishing; no big deal? There are, of course, a multitude of answers; each bringing with them, more questions. But, some want to improve anyway. So, here's how. The big secret. The inside track.

An old saying relates, "you can't think thoughts without words." True. We need words to form ideas. More to develop them. Still more to reach conclusions. So it goes in fly casting. We need words and names to improve our casting.

One of the things I still look for in teaching are new words or expressions that will have a meaning to a student. Things like: pull, push, stop, easy, less effort, smoother. I think you get the idea. To help someone learn I need to communicate. To 'get through.' To have what I say seem to make sense. For that I need words. The better the instructor is, the more words he has to use.

And, just how does this help you? YOU need to learn more words! Specifically, the names for as many parts of the cast as you can find. Here is where you can get a bit muddled though. Different instructors may use different names for different things! Don't let that even slow you down. Learn all you can; sort them out later.

What can give you some problem is the guy who claims a certain name for an action, or part of a cast, or type of cast or mend, is the only name that is right! These should be avoided in the first place. Yes, them and the names too ...

Once you have a few names for parts of the cast and the areas you are trying to improve, you can begin to make some progress. Without them you are doomed to just aimless flailing, thrashing, whipping, waving, flinging, pitching, hurling ... ~ JC

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