J. Castwell
February 22nd, 1998


A few weeks ago I wrote about a development which happened when I started to get a bit serious about learning how to cast with my left hand. Simply stated it is this. When I cast with my left hand the fly would land somewhere to the right of my intended target. I wondered if anyone would figure out the real reason it was happening.

If you teach shooting, archery, or casting you are aware of the term 'master-eye.' That is the dominant eye, the one that actually looks directly at a point. Here is a test we often use when teaching. First we offer the fly rods and just watch to see which hand they use to hold it. A good clue as to right or left handed. If there seems to be a question we do the following:

You can try this yourself at home too. Point to some object with your index finger. You will notice I did not say which hand to use. If the person points with the left hand you can be rather sure they are left handed and probably master left eyed as well. OK, so you are pointing at something with your RIGHT hand. Now, take your LEFT hand and cover your LEFT eye. Are you still pointing exactly at the object? IF so, you are master RIGHT eyed.

If the object jumped severely to the side you are master LEFT eyed. It is at least once a season we find someone who has gone thru many years of life and never knew which eye was the dominant one. So. If when I cast right handed the fly goes where my RIGHT eye is looking. My right hand and right eye have been working together for many years. But, when I switch to left handed casting the fly will go to the right unless I close my RIGHT eye! Then it goes right where I want it.

On the same point, when I want to be very accurate I cast with the rod in front of my face, one finger on the top of the rod, and in line with my RIGHT eye. Works for me, probably will for you too.~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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