J. Castwell
January 19th, 1998

On The Nose

What do baseball and fly fishing have in common? Actually, at least one thing. I marvel at the pitchers who can get the ball anywhere near the plate using the "side-arm" motion. I understand the normal type of throwing: wind 'er up and let it go. But these guys with the side-arm have me confused. No way could I fling a ball that way.

Come to think of it, although some batters can not seem to hit side-arm pitches well, it may be that the ball is not always near the plate? That is where I see a similarity to fly casting. Most of us tilt the fly rod a bit over to the side. For many of us it is just more comfortable, and does keep the fly out of our hat.

So where does this lead us? Perhaps to one level higher. If a wide side arm delivery is not the best for accuracy and a normal pitch is better, then how about this ... right straight over the top. Translated to fly casting it would be holding the rod directly in front of your face, casting right in line with your nose.

If you have not tried this yet you are in for a surprise. It does work. I have used it on light rods and small streams for many years when absolute accuracy was needed. It does not lend itself to the big rods and long lines, only the short stuff.

Some of you may wish to place your index finger on the cork for this type of cast, others may not. Either way, your accuracy will about double if you use this cast. Another nice thing about it is, it takes no time at all to learn. The next time you have a chance give it a try. Right between the eyes. ~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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