December 31st, 2007

A New Year
By James Castwell

Boy, I could use one; 2007 has been a lulu.

I am noticing how each Christmas season I peer forward at the 'coming of another year' with continually changing thoughts. Certainly no longer with the exuberance of my youth, nor the staunch determination of my middle aged decades. Yet, forward I continue to look; ever the optimist. I have been accused of never being a willing participant in a parade...unless I could lead the thing. Seems a fair appraisement I suppose.

I have read a few noble pieces about the new year and how some are able to express wonderful things about them. I have not the gift. I just keep plowing ahead, trying not to look to hard to the left or right and hardly ever back. I have a few exciting things in store for 2008, hope most materialize. I really should try to find time for a bit of recreation, I am lousy at scheduling that. I owe it to my wife to try to make her life a bit easier if I can, she certainly does for me.

I am sure there will be some tough spots, losing friends is rough and this past year has been the worst for me so far. At my age a fella loses them faster than he makes them, but that is how things are supposed to be I guess.

I will get all excited about some new stuff in the fly fishing game; a new product will launch, we can be positive of that. Many folks will discover fly fishing. First fish on a fly, first fish on a fly they tied, bigger fish, more fish, all the usual. Fish will spawn, bugs will hatch, water will flow and I will get another year older. Happy New Year! ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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