J. Castwell
January 18th, 1998

It's Here Now

First they said radio was going to put an end to the publishing business. Shortly after that the publishing business diversified. The 'Me and Joe' style of vicarious action tales gave way to stories on 'How-To.' With the double-barreled approach they survived just fine. With the advent of TV our life style and the pace thereof picked up immensely. And, of course, radio would go out of business.

As you know, radio is alive and well. They diversified. So it is today. Information is following the natural path as it has always done. It is diversifying, changing. And we are all the better for it. In days past it was not easy to get an article published. You sent in a query, then an outline with a few chapters if it was a book. The writer had to be qualified and 'jump through hoops' to get in print.

Not so today, and this troubles some of the older writers. The new 'kid-on-the-block' is this, the Internet, the web page. On these pages you will find stories and columns on 'Me and Joe,' stories on how to catch the 'biggest-one, and writing on just about anything you can imagine. True, some of it is not polished, clean, intellectual, well formulated, and most likely would not have been published, let alone even accepted in earlier years. Some however, is pretty good stuff!

Today there exists on the pages of the web something for each of us. The new tyro, the angler, and the seasoned veteran. The change is the variety of material available and it is increasing each day. It is not just 'Me and Joe,' not just 'How-to,' but a new communication as yet not clearly identified and named. But, it is new and those who don't acknowledge it, or accept it are in for a big surprise. It's here to stay, until it again changes sometime in the future.

Take advantage of the 'new kid,' dig into the writing on the web. Some is good, some fair, some even poor; but, so what. It is communication. It is what is going on now. It is the most dynamic form the world has yet seen. If you have an ISP, so you can get on the Internet, you have access to your own web page and the opportunity to write something on it. Go ahead and do it. It is your avenue to the world of others. Let them hear from you. What you have to say is just as important as what they have to say about anything.

Allan Pratt Cartoon

I am sure many, or even most of the columns I have on this web site would not have been published by the print media. Probably not good enough, and there was no regular place to put them anyway. So what. I had something to say, most have agreed with me; and the one's who didn't agree with me, didn't bother to let me know. It is my way of communicating with you, who I consider my friends. And the list keeps growing and I thank you.

Remember, this is not the information channel of the future. It is the living word of today. Fresh, vital, involved, and current. It is the what there is now. Get used to it. It's here.~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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