November 29th, 2004

Who Do You Know?
By James Castwell

Every so often I run one of these things. An attempt to get you to help out a friend of yours. We here try very hard to bring you quality sponsors, movers and shakers' in the industry who have good products and some you may not yet heard about. Often we have on the 'Sponsors' pages information of things not yet available to the general public. Sometimes we are the media which they select to break the information first.

Either way, it seems to work for all. They benefit by getting their stuff in front of you, you get to see it before your fly shop sometimes even knows about it and by so doing the sponsor supports FAOL so we can bring you all the rest of the web site.

Here is what you can do now. Do you know of a small manufacturer with a neat product or service that you think would benefit from being on FAOL? We are set up so the little guy with a neat product or service can get the same exposure as one of the 'Big Boys.' Not a service easily found with other media.

If you do you might be really helping them out by letting them know of us or letting us know of them. Either way, we all might be better off with your involvement. There are many custom rod builders these days, lots of small inventors of gadgets useful in our sport and other generally interesting products. Things like lanyards, wheels on pontoon boats, fly-floatant; you name it, they make it.

Our philosophy from the start has been that our customers (you) come first. By that I mean, you are the most important. Without you there would be no need for all of this. As the site grew sponsors became interested and eventually involved. These are of course necessary to support the expenses of maintaining a complex of this size. With the size came more readers and more sponsors. Customer service has been a goal we have strived very hard to maintain. All email, phone and guest book entries get a personal response from FAOL.

We have strived to have state-of-the-art equipment at all times and it is extremely rare we are not 'on the air.' This might be a left over from our radio and T.V. days. We both served many years in front of and behind cameras and microphones in the past. We have gone through several servers, upgrading capacity and speed as we grew. Yes, we are proud of what we have been able to build, proud that the Ladyfisher's idea was right and if she built it you would come. She did and you did.

We are honored we could be part of maintaining fly-fishing here and world wide too. We have come a long way but there is still work do do. Even though we hear from over 110 countries each month there are yet more out there. Our hit numbers continue to rise and involvement increases by wonderful writers from all over. Interesting and talented folks who are more than glad to be part of this experiment. We are solely dependent on and most grateful for these. For the most part we seek fly-fishers who have some ability to write. Not an easy combination but they are out there and many are now on FAOL.

To put a lid on this, if you can think of a potential sponsor or writer who may benefit from associating with us, let us know. We will handle if from there. ~ JC

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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