November 26th, 2001

Narrative Hook
By James Castwell

"Take a pound of lead, stand in the corner of the room and do not think of a white polar bear; the lead will turn to gold." So it has been alleged over the years. As I am not taken with such foolishness as the search for great wealth, I have never actually tried this. I now leave it in your care. Try not to remember it as I am sure it is of no value. No lead, no corner, no 'white Polar Bear,'and certainly no Gold. If you do try it and it does happen to work, I would accept at least a small tip for cluing you in on it though. So much for the, 'Narrative Hook.'

If I had the time and anything important to say I might be tempted to write a book, but as I have severely neglected both my fishing life and business life, I have neither the time nor wisdom to do so. If, however I had written a book, or even better, a few of them, I would no doubt be at this time in my life famous, or at least somewhat known. As such is not the case I must resort to devious methods to accomplish various things. Things like publicity. Not for myself, for Fly Anglers

Take for example the first letters of the name. F.A.O.L. I have it on my license plates, when asked what it means by locals I tell them it means small horse in Norwegian. That seems to satisfy most of the busy-bodies. In an effort to take advantage shamelessly of others who do have the big-bucks to advertise I ask only this of you. When you are watching T.V. or on your computer and happen to see the letters A.O.L., just make sure you do not confuse them with F.A.O.L. They are very big and very powerful and probably not at all pleased that our initials are so close to theirs. So remember, when you see A.O.L. do not think of F.A.O.L. I repeat, we are not 'Fishing, A.O.L.' Good, so much for that, now to move on.

When you receive your magazines in the mail, or are perusing the many slicks at your favorite shop, do not look for any magazine by us, our magazine is right here, published every Monday for nearly five years, period. What you see is what you get, this is it. When you look at all those well known and hard-to-forget titles, ours sadly will not be among them, not even the one above, try not to even think about us at those times, just put us out of your mind. Thanks.

I should mention another thing. So far there has been no invention of an F.A.O.L. fly. When you are shopping for tied flies, do not look for any 'F.A.O.L.'s, they do not exist. No search of the web or library will turn up any information other than we are just a fly fishing web site, pure and simple. No frills, no gimmicks, no whistles, no bells, nothing on fire, or spinning and certainly nothing sneaky. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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