J. Castwell
December 1st, 1997

Are You A Flailer?

"BACK CAST: That part of the fly cast where the rod and line are lifted up and backward so the line travels straight behind the caster.

FORWARD CAST: The delivery portion of the fly cast. The forward cast starts when the line has straightened out behind.

FALSE CAST: Back and forward casts that allow the angler to lengthen the amount of line being cast before the line is allowed to drop to the water. False casts help the angler change the direction of casting. A few snappy false casts also help remove excess water from dry flies. False casting also is used to measure the distance of the cast relative to a rising fish. Many new fly-anglers false cast too much. That is, they cast back and forth in the same direction and do not let line out .. they just flail away with no real purpose." (from The Essential Guide to Fly Fishing.)

So, what is that all about? This is not a book review section, it's supposed to be about casting. Ok, those are from the glossary of a new soft cover book for anyone just getting into fly fishing. The author is Clive Schaupmeyer from Brooks, Alberta, Canada. At $22.95, it is published by Johnson Gorman Publishers, Red Deer Alberta, Canada. Soon it will be available for $17.95 in the US from Lonepine Publishers, Redmond WA, (800-661-9017). It is a very good book, 288 pages that cover the whole of fly fishing. For a new angler it will do a dandy job.

What about casting? Yup, he covers that; not only how to, but where to, and why to, as well. Like pictures and diagrams? Well then, here are some with his text from the book, pages 79, 80, and 81. Enjoy.

1.To start the overhead cast the rod is gently raised off the water and then power is applied starting at about 10 o'clock.

2.The rod is stopped at about 1 o'clock and paused while the line straightens behind.

3.At the beginning of the forward cast the line is straight and parallel to the ground. If enough power has been put into the back cast the rod will load sufficiently to complete the forward cast properly.

4.The rod is powered forward to about 10 o'clock.

5.As the line straightens ahead, the rod is lowered to the water.

Our thanks to Clive Schaupmeyer, author of The Essential Guide to Fly Fishing, 1997 Clive Schaupmeyer, published by Johnson Gorman Publishers, for permission to use excerpts. ~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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