J. Castwell
October 20th, 1997

and how to fix them all.

If you have EVER cast a fly rod and the above title didn't get you to read this, how did you get this far? Ok, I'm not one for gotcha-journalism, so I apologize.

Do you really think there are that many casting faults? Do you think you may have, at least, some of them? Do you really believe that I, the humble J Castwell, could possibly know how to cure that many casting faults? Well, I can.

Those which did not read this far are doomed to go through life repeating the same old mistakes. No hope for them anyway. Instead of twenty years experience, they will have one years' experience, twenty times ... However, you have made it this far, so I better tell you how to fix 'em.

I have heard that one of the definitions of 'insanity' is "repeating the same action over and over, and expecting a different result." Let's mix in with that frustration, disappointment, anger, impatience, and mis-matched equipment. That should complete the picture of the average fly caster having a problem. Oh, no, I forgot one little thing; now he adds, trying harder!

So there you have it. The single most common casting fault is "trying harder." You can repeat it 2001 times and you will get no better. The inevitable result of doing something wrong, and doing it harder is ... 'wronger.'

Introducing, "Less." Actually, Less Effort is his full name. One of my best casting helpers. Time after time, I have said to students, "less effort, use less effort. Just use the tip of the rod. Stop the rod sooner in front and in back. Relax, use less effort. Make the rod do the work. Now, make every cast count. Every single one of them. Loop control in front and in back, accuracy, presentation."

So, consider taking my helper, "Less," along when you go out to practice casting. He could change things for you. Whatever you do, please don't repeat the same old casting faults 2001 times and expect different results. ~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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