Watchin' For You!

J. Castwell
November 2nd, 1998

Being there . . .

I am writing this on Halloween. This is one of the 'best' times in the year for me to be fishing for salmon. But, I am not going out this evening. Or tonight either. It is too simple; too easy. It is not fly fishing anymore for me. I may go out next week because a friend wants me to take him out. But, the 'magic' is gone for me.

It happened once before too. Back in Michigan. I studied the insects and the river to the point where I knew 'exactly' what was going to happen on any given day. We (my wife and I) went to the Au Sable river in the fall. We were all set to fish a certain insect. All of the conditions were perfect. The hatch was on, the trout were rising, all was well with the world.

WRONG! We knew too much.

Yes; we knew too much...

We had spoiled our trout fishing; it was a sad day... And it was one of the BEST days I will ever remember! We did not fish. My wife and I sat on the bank of the river and watched as the mayflies emerged, floated the currents, and flew off to molt for the final stage of their short lives. We, (in our minds eye) could 'see' the nymphs as they struggled to the surface... emerged from their nymphal shucks, grasped for the surface of the stream, and pumped the fluid into their wings.

And it was not only in our 'minds eye,' we saw it happen time after time. The trout rose with studied regularity to the event. And still we watched. We did not 'gear-up.' We only filled ourselves with the regular progression of nature as it was laid before us. To 'harass' a trout for our pleasure at this time was obviously a wrong thing to do.

And so we sat. On the bank and watched the 'total' marvel develop before us; transfixed with the glory of it all. So, why did this happen? Because we read and studied all we could find on the subject. We investigated, first hand each tiny bit of information we could find. Did we go 'too far?'

Yes. We took the magic from it. We took the 'guess-work' out of it. We knew exactly what was going to happen. Fly fishing is not that. It is investigation. It is learning, trying, hoping, anticipating, dreaming, wishing, remembering, wondering, and just plain being there.

Next week, part two . . .. ~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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