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November 1st, 1999

I Knew You Would Come
By James Castwell

Field of Dreams. Remember that movie? This is a bit like that. This is about a river of memories; but before you get turned off, let me explain. Some time back (115 issues) we decided to create the worlds largest destination information fly-fishing web-site. We have done so, with your help.

We have offered the fly-fishers who are willing to write, a place to be published; (not just published writers who happen to fly-fish.) We have tried to keep the commercial content down to a manageable level. We, (make that, you) have created a home-page where thousands come each and every day to live and share the fraternity of our chosen sport. For that we thank you. We knew you would come.

This site has had in it's intent that all who wish to learn, and or progress, would find here a repository of information, and you have helped to make that a fact.

Would you please take the time to contact the sponsors of this site? As you may, or not be aware, FAOL is totally supported by the sponsors who advertise here - and underwrite us. There are many of them who have signed on to help continue to bring this to you. But, there is no 'free lunch.'

We are doing fine, great in fact; but, if you like what you see and wish it to continue, we would sure appreciate it if you would take the time to hit the sponsor's page and let a few of them know you do wish to thank them and appreciate what they have spent to keep this all going. Most of them have an email address right on their page.

You may have not known, but to be a sponsor on here is by invitation only. We have turned some down, and others we have not sought. This has been done to help protect you from the 'sleeze-balls' out there. We don't know them all but do know a few. We had to remove one in fact which was a scam outfit. So we ask only this. Let them know you like FAOL and are grateful for their participation. By so doing you will help continue this for not only yourself but many others who will join.

My sincere thanks,~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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