October 10th, 2005

Bubbles Company
By James Castwell

Maybe if I give this thing a good start it will make up for the rest of it. I hope so. 'Who, what, where, when and why.' The elements of a well known style of writing. Then there is this too. 'Beginning, middle, wrap-up and close.' All good stuff. I apologize, this will have little of any of them. I try to write things of value, maybe informative, uplifting, humorous, satirical or at least causing one to question something. I do not like to complain. But, I have this stuck in me and need to get it out. People who, by some perversive nature, must always find fault and complain about everything drive me nuts.

I have seen a form of it in the 'guru' who runs a pro-shop. He will let everyone know how bright and wonderful he is and how he has the only selection of fly gear that is worth anything. He is stuck when anything new comes out. It must be bad, after all, he already has the best stuff. So, the new item or company must be bad. Example. "Those 'Bubbles Company' rods all suck!" Or something similar.

The 'whatever it is, they are against it,' guys. If they only payed fifty bucks for a rod, any rod over that price is a over-rated hunk of junk. A fly reel costing above a certain price or having some feature (multiplier, wide-frame, anti-reverse, sissy-colored paint job), you name it, they are against it. Why? You got me. They just seem to be born that way. Somehow it makes them think they are above everyone else if they are smarter than the rest of us by being against everything.

If you like a slow rod, you are dumb; a fast one is the only way smart guys go. If you like a fast rod, you are stupid to fall for all that crap the manufacturers tell you. Another example is the casting analyzer. Some are adamantly against it and will not consider even trying it. They know nothing about it, but know enough to know it is worthless. Ok, I'm not going to begin to try to convince them to try it, or slow rods, or fast ones, or other brands or anything else. I could give a rats behind less.

But, for them to try to spread their 'gloom and doom' around to the rest is just plain not right. If they want to go around in a black funk, let them, but stay out of my camp. Go haunt someplace else. Fly-fishing is fun. All of it. Thinking about it. Getting ready to do it. Planning, tying, fiddling, going, casting, lying, and remembering. I like it a lot. And I plan on keeping it that way.

Sorry for all of this, but darn it, I just had to do it. I will try to do better next week. ~ JC

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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