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October 2nd, 2000

Castwell's Tip of the Hat
By James Castwell

Sometimes things need getting behind of. This is one, and it's a big one. You know what we try to do here, bring you information you can use, use to improve your fly fishing, fly tying and your life in general. I personally think there is a fantastic offer starting right now, October first, 2000. But it not the benefits to you that are so important. It is what YOU can do to promote fly-tying and help some kid enter a lifetime of the sport.

My hat is off to Andy Renzetti. The idea is his. He has started a program of 'used fly-tying vises for kids.' Here is how it works. You turn your old one in, he goes through it, fixes what needs fixing, and sends it off to an organization to use for teaching kids to tie. Not just one organization either, any authentic group who is teaching and needs vises for the kids. The group keeps them for use over and over again. This promotes groups and promotes teaching kids. Fantastic!

There is more. If you will trot your old vise in to an authorized Renzetti dealer you will receive a discount on a new vise if you should wish to buy one. Not required though. You do not have to buy anything! Just get rid of a vise that would do the job for teaching a kid.

Also, if you do, you will be eligible to win a weeks fishing with Lefty Kreh at Boca Paila. There are some other companies who are in on this as well, providing support for the venture and additional incentives for other winners, but it is Andy's idea and he is doing all the work.

Ok, you got it straight now? You take your old vise in to any Renzetti dealer and give it to them. They will give you a coupon to send in to register for the drawing for the awards. If you want to buy a new vise, go for it and get the discount on the spot. The opportunity is open until April 30, 2001. Don't miss out. Your Renzetti dealer should have more information on this as well, if not write to Renzetti, 8800 Grissom Parkway, Titusville, Florida 32780 or phone (321) 267-7705.

Get kids tying flies!

The drawing will take place at the FFF conclave 2001, winners need not be on hand and will be notified.

Andy has done much over the past thirty years for the fly-tying community, thanks from J. Castwell and FAOL. This is a great idea, I think this will help many. I hope you think so too. And, besides, if gives you a real good reason to buy yourself a new vise, that can't be all that bad. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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