September 19th, 2005

The Denver Show 2005
By James Castwell

Just getting out of here was great, the show was a bonus, really. We had the normal, minor problems getting to and from the great city on the mountain top, low oxygen up there for you old guys by the way, but enjoyed immensely just getting away. The weather couldn't have been better, mid eighties days, cool nights, blue skies.

The show. It seems each year it gets better. For me anyway it does. New exhibitors and new friends. Old exhibitors and old friends. Only way to improve on it is if we were all fishing. With the casting ponds it almost was. Three of them and plenty wide, seldom did you have to wait to get a spot. There is always some jerk who thinks the show is his private casting club and spends several hours each day just casting. Showing off is their real game, but what these guys never seem to realize is a hellofalot of folks at the show are as good or better than they are. Funny to see, but they are at every show, guaranteed.

I never get to cast all the rods I should and catch heck for it the rest of the year. There just is not enough time to do them all. Too many companies and too many rods in each. I spend a few minutes with each sponsor, learning what may be new for the upcoming year, take a picture maybe and then move on to the next. The new exhibitors need to be looked into and we do that as time allows. Remember, these guys have just spend big bucks to have a booth to sell their gear, not to chat with some guy with a fly-fishing website. We have to be very careful we do not offend or be taken the wrong way.

There is so much new this year that I can not put it all on here but will give at least a start. Some of the new products are refinements of old ones, some are brand new innovations. Some look good to me, some perhaps not. I think I should here give what I have to consider my pick of the show. You have already seen it on the front page for the last two weeks, it is the Sage Casting Analyzer. I feel it will be of great value to fly casters world wide. It kept Sage busy the entire show with guys lined up to get analyzed. I talked to no one who had anything negative to say about it.

It will take time for it's real value to be realized by many, but having been through it and will actually have a unit myself I can see where it will be a visual asset to both student and coach. My thanks to the fellows who invented it and to Sage for picking it up and promoting it throughout their network world wide.

I did pick up a rod and reel which I will do a Product Review on after I educate a few salmon and bonefish on it. You may have heard of it, Hardy Angel. More later on it. At this point, I like it. A lot.

Here are a few pictures of the show, hope you enjoy them.

Just one of the casting ponds, notice the targets on the right side.

Oh, here is JB from Albright and Lou Tabory, we did some pitching and they were nice enough to buy us lunch one day.

Aw, hey, that's my wife. Notice the reel on top, where is should be.

Yes, all the line did go out.

Yup, a multiplier by Albright.

Nice tying furniture is on the market. More than one supplying nowadays.

I can't forget the ladies in fly-fishing, neither could the guy with the camera.

A vise from Wasatch Tools looks interesting.

From outside, big place.

This guy was there to take pictures of the 'Celebrities' who attended.

Here he is, Noel Perkins, one of the guys who invented the SCA (Sage Casting Analyzer)

My wife showing one of our friends the results of some of the recent surgery she had.

The LF, unknown, and Jerry Seim, the rod designer from Sage. (boy can he cast)

Big treat. I got to see a for sure Cree chicken, Tom said so. Now you can too.

Looks to me like a band from a vacuum cleaner, he says it will cure your casting faults.

I did cast one of these; don't ask.

You like that vise? Nifty, right? I might agree.

Albright washed their trailer and pulled it in. Worked fine. Yes, that is Lou Tabory on the right.

I'll wind it up with a pretty picture.

There are a whole lot more and we will bring them to you as time goes on. It was a fine show, great by many standards. Lots of information there. Some is out now, some will be revealed soon, some after the first of the year stuff. But like they say, "It's all good!" ~ JC

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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