September 15th, 2003

By James Castwell

Once again something needs to be done and once again, yours truly, I, James Castwell will rise to the task and get it done. It has come to my attention that there are a whole bunch of clubs, organizations and otherwise groups of fits and misfits who gather in one form or another and meet or communicate under the cloak of the names of some highly revered folks in the fly fishing business. Many are named after such notables as T. Gordon, Ike Walton, or such. Sometimes an area or region will get attention but I am not concerned with them here.

This is to address the terrible fault associated with naming groups after dead guys. Swell, what an honor! But... duh, they're dead. Gone bye-bye. Outta here. What an honor! Why not start one while they are still alive? Indeed you say? Yes, indeed I say!

When I used to announce for rodeos, one of the phrases I often used was when a cowboy hit the dust after being flung aloft from a nasty critter went a bit like this, "Ok folks, he's on the ground now and can hear ya, give him a big Montana hand for a great ride!"

I think we should all give some very serious thought to looking to the future and start naming groups (new ones, no point in messing around with those old ones) using the names of guys who have not yet snuffed it. If the names are to be considered a honor and a compliment it only seems the proper thing to do.

Now, for instance, take my case as an excellent example. I use my case as an excellent example because right now no other name comes readily to mind. There are many fine fly-casters around, some for many years, who, when they are not writing books, giving spirited lectures or opening shopping malls, will try to convince you that you should cast just like they do. So far I have only seen them able to cast the way they do, no one else has been to get it exactly right. Does this mean they can not teach? Or, can not write? Or, does it simply mean they are wrong? Since no one can do it like they advise or teach, I am suspect. But in my case, most anyone can cast like I do, some even move on to intermediate, which proves my point completely.

As I am getting long-of-tooth and short of patience I feel I should be considered as the titlier head of some wonderful new organization or group, it's about time, really. As there is little doubt that in the future when I have made my last mend and presentation that some well meaning bunch will most certainly honor yours truly with such a distinction that it would be far better to get on with it now, while I am still alive and could be made aware of it.

So, here is my offer. I hereby authorize any and all of those who are of exemplary character and good standing to use with proper discretion my name for the purpose of forming a high-class, snazzy, well thought of, hoydy-toydy group. Some thought should be exercised so as not to end up with names such as 'Castwell's Irregulars' or 'the Rinky-dinks.' All names must be reverent and relevant. Possibly names like 'J Castwell Unlimited, J Castwell Federation, J Castwell Club' or 'J Castwell International'. Those have a nice ring to them.

Well gang, there ya have it. It's all up to you now. I will await your efforts and good luck. It is a good thing. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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