September 5th, 2005

Sage Casting Analyzer
By James Castwell

"There is a strong tendency, after the first time, to want to go back and do it some more." As much as I would like to allege that the above remark has some 'love-making' reference to it, it does not. It was one of the guys at Sage referring to the gyro devise they have for analyzing a persons casting stroke. Hang in here with me, you will need to know this stuff some day soon anyway. I agree, no one wants to have some gadget show how bad they really cast, including me. So it was with some trepidation I arrived at Sage this last Monday morning along with the Ladyfisher to go through the process of having our casting stroke analyzed and recorded. This devise, and Noel Perkins, were awarded 'Top Honors' (100 points) at the International Sports Exhibition in Munich in February of this year, for the most 'innovative new product from scientific research.' Quite an honor.

You will notice I have not yet used the word 'test, or tested,' and I will try hard not to during all of this column. It would be a handy word but not really descriptive. This thing does not 'test' you or your stroke. It 'records' every little thing you do and then compares it to a 'standard' that is set into the palm-pilot and displayed on a graph. Mine looked like the stock market crashed. Several times. By having a basically 'perfect' graph to compare myself to it gave me some awareness of where I could improve on different elements of my casting stroke.

It did not show what I was doing wrong!

It will not show what you are doing wrong!

That is not what is does. It does show how good you are, really. It does show what you are doing right, and that's a nice thing. We both enjoyed going over the results with Ned Hobson (Sage guy who know's a lot about this stuff) and actually began to understand what he was explaining to us about our strokes. Now this is not something they are trying to sell. It's going into the dealers for them to help you get better on all parts of your casting. And face it, we all can use a little help in that department.

Oh sure, some of you will run like rats from a sinking ship. This just won't be for you. Ok, but, then again, some will welcome a real devise that, without any bias or subjectivity, will show them exactly the things and areas where they can improve their casting. Things which will make it more effective, efficient, accurate, easy and rewarding. Actually I look forward to going back to have a few more runs at it. There are some questions I have about a few certain 'styles' and I want to know how they stack up efficiency wise. I will let you know how that all works out. Be a few months yet for that.

The Analyzer is really in the 'beta' stage for a couple of months yet but will soon be at a Sage dealer (hopefully) near you. The idea is to help him help you become a better caster and then you will throw away all of your crappy rods by other manufactures and buy all new Sage rods. Seriously though, Sage is doing this to help the average fly fisherman and it is FREE. The catch is, right now it is set up and 'tuned' for a certain Sage rod, a Sage 9 foot, 5 weight XP. No, you can't bring in your pet rod and be 'analyzed,' yet. Someday, perhaps.

Sage is introducing it at the upcoming fly tackle show in Denver the 8th of September which we will be attending. I will be back with a lot more information on the show and the 'Analyzer,' I am sure. Stay tuned for that and the FAOL 'Pick of the Show' this year by Hans Weilenmann.

So there you have it. The word can now be 'out on the streets.' What is the big news from Sage this year? The Sage Casting Analyzer. A devise to help you improve your casting and have fun doing it. There will be a long line at the Sage booth again this year. Hint guys. Practice your casting a bit before you go.

*A note here to all who are coming to the Idaho Fish-In, the week of the 25th of September. I have just found out I will have the 'Analyzer' with me, courtesy of Sage. Any of you who want to improve your casting, this will let you know right where you can do it. Remember too, there is no charge for any of this, just part of their customer service program. ~ JC

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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