J. Castwell Congradulations Castwell - ya made it!
August 2nd, 1999


With this one-hundred and first issue of Fly Anglers On Line, I hereby declare victory! The first and original intent of this web-site was to offer good, solid information on fly-fishing for the novice and the veteran. Secondly, to allow the 'old-time fraternity of fellowship' which was the foundation of fly-fishing since it's inception to re-create itself if it had a mind to. This web-site was to serve as a platform for it to come together. We had an idea it could happen, and a game-plan was instituted which would allow all who wished, to join in. Not only to read the information, but to add to it; thus creating once again, the comradery upon which fly-fishing was built.

This may seem to imply something had been lost. We felt it had been. In times past such things as gravel roads to the stream, caring for the 'gut' leaders, drying-cleaning-dressing of silk lines, valuing a two tip bamboo rod (no mater the value), sharing of information about streams, insects and flies, late night meetings about plans, where to get chicken necks (and how to cure them), tying silk, vises, materials, helping your buddy; little things like these were the essence of the sport.

Many of these have gone by the wayside with the introduction of modern technology. Bullet-proof-lifetime guarantees, new tapered leaders, information-publishing (books and magazines), the web, paved roads, fiberglass, graphite, the advertising hype; all have served to diminish the vary warp of the sport.

The credit for our idea must go to the Ladyfisher, as it was hers, and hers alone. The success of the this website is because of YOU, all of you! The guys and gals who have made it what it is and hopefully, will continue to be. This is YOUR fly-fishing web-site. A great share of the writing on here is from you; those just getting started, a few on the way, and others paying back to the sport what they can. Most is not professional. So what? It is from and by fishermen who are willing to write, not from writers who happen to fish.

A bit is controversial, some is almost right, a few things may be considered perhaps even wrong. But! The test is and has been, was it the way the writer saw it at the time? In my past I have changed many things I knew for sure. Fly-fishing seems to lend itself to that. You could even call it learning. The point again is this;'of the fly-fishers, by the fly-fishers, and for the fly-fishers.'

Our stats and numbers reveal there is tremendous response to this web-site. The acceptance by the folks who sponsor it also shows trust in the conception. The constant email and involvement by all of you proves you want this, you like what you see, and have become an important member of the greatest group on earth. 'The Fraternity of Fly-fishers!'


Thank you from FAOL.

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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