August 2nd, 2004

Started Rods
By James Castwell

You see it in the sporting magazines all the time. Dogs of fine quality, puppies really, and for a few dollars more you can get one that has been 'started.' Now, who would not want that I ask you? Of course we would. Imagine having a great dog, perhaps one of the very best we will ever own and having it started correctly by the gent who supplied him. Heady stuff indeed.

This idea got to fermenting under my hat recently and soon started to produce fruit. We all know of guys who buy fly rods only to find they do not cast well, the rods that is. Although the caster may be some to fault here, it may be the rod as well. And this can be true for all brands and values of rods, but I presume it tends to be more prevalent in the lower class of sticks.

Just as a new caster can and will do things one bubble off of dead center until he has had several years of experience, so can these manifestations be taught into the rods he owns. A rod that is constantly twisted during the final thrust will undoubtedly develop such a quirk and perhaps be ruined for life, or at least a darn long time.

A type of exorcism has been performed recently but with mixed results, more on that at another time. Once screwed up, pretty much that way for ever. So, once again now comes James Castwell with this offer. Send me our new rods. What cold be simpler? I will fish them for a season, and I might add, at very little cost to you for this expert service, and return them to you 'Started.'

That's right. I will make sure they are not 'taught' any little mistakes. No subtle tendencies to pitch to the left or the right, (hook or slice for you golfers.) The tailing loop will be beaten out of it if it even has a thought to perform one. The rod will stop smoothly and with authority due to my amazing control of the casting motion. Perfect loops will be ingrained right from the start.

Yes my fortunate fellow fly flingers, this is indeed your lucky day in which you have found this incredible service. For mere pennies a day, a paltry sum, yes even a pittance I will start your rods for you. I would prefer they be of some higher value as I might be seen working with them and should not like to be berated for having crummy stuff, but I will persevere in all eventualities.

I will not however 'finish' a rod. This is a personal thing and must be performed by the registered owner. The social moires and ethics of this abound and are far too complicated to even approach at this juncture. Just let it be, no finished rods, at least for now.

Send them to me well packaged, insured up the wazoo and allow at least one season before you expect any reply whatsoever. Include a blank check, (signed of course) made out to me and I will fill in the correct amount. Much easier this way, who wants to quibble over a few bucks anyhow.

Feel free now to peruse that catalog and website. Order the rod of your dreams and just have it drop shipped to me and you will never again have to worry about it, you have my word on that! Get yours today. ~ JC

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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