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July 31st, 2000

Bits and Pieces, (or, what ya always wanted to ask and were afraid to.)
By James Castwell

Let's start with this, when you are stringing up your fly rod fold the line, the fly-line in a small loop about six inches from the leader knot and push the loop up through the guides and out the tip-top. If you drop the loop it will hang up in the guides and you won't look like a jerk trying to re-string the thing.

Notice it's the 'tip-top,' not tippy-top, or 'thingy on the end.' It is definitely not the 'tippet.' That's the piece of monofilament on the end of your leader. And it's a rod, a fly rod, not a pole or a fly-pole. Little things can mean a lot. While I'm at it, how about this?

There seems to be some confusion between the words 'strippers' and 'stripers.' A guy can look pretty silly if he gets them wrong. This may help so you don't fall into the trap. Strippers are folks who remove articles of clothing. If you look real closely at the letters in the word between the 'i' and the 'e' you may get a visual reminder so you will spell it correctly in the future, maybe forever. Stripers (only one letter between the i and e) is a fish with stripes.

Another word has a similar problem. 'Woolly.' As in 'woolly-bugger.' Notice the 'oo' and 'll' in the word. Two of each. Woolly-bugger and woolly-worm each have two words; 'woolly' has two of each letter. Makes it easy to remember.

To continue, the column of bones in your back is your spine, right? Ok, the thing that gives a fly rod its support is called the same, the stiffest part of a rod section. It's the side you search for when you put on the guides. It's 'spine,' not 'spline.' What is 'spline,' you ask? Those are the little strips of bamboo that get bound together to make up a cane fly rod. They are called 'splines.' Hang in there, this is easy.

Don't bother to correct guys who say 'neopreMe' any more. Once they get used to saying it that way, there is not much help. We know it is 'neopreNe,' but it is a thankless endeavor. I would like to help you with 'fluorocarbon,' but it continues to show up as 'flourocarbon,' maybe someday they will change how it should be spelled.

In the old days everyone got all hot-and-bothered by someone spelling the fly attaching knot 'turle' incorrectly. Many called it a 'turtle knot.' Nearly started some fights back then. Don't forget it's 'Clinch' knot, not 'Cinch' knot too.

Finally, there is the dreaded 'tailing-loop.' The cast which produces a knot in your leader. I have heard it also called a 'trailing-loop. I think this is not correct.

I am sure there are more, these are just a few of the common ones. Hope this helps you get some of them right. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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