J. Castwell
July 5th, 1999

Lady Fishers?

As many of you know, my main job here is editor, secondly I do all the graphic work. As editor, I have the job of editing my wife's (the Ladyfisher) columns. Checking for sentence structure, word choice and general content. You may think that would not be an easy thing to do, but it is. I am blessed with a wife who works with me and I with her. As close to a perfect harmony as we can imagine.

My point is, I wish I could find more ladies, here on the site, in the chat room, and in fly-fishing, who could understand our sport as she does. There is far more to it than most ladies ever know, or are ever exposed to. Why 'The Ladyfisher' understands these things, I have no idea; but she does. I am constantly amazed and pleased when I see her columns for the first time. It is rare I ever change a word. But, that is not the point. She offers a slightly different view of fly-fishing from mine, although we agree exactly on all elements.

I am no women's libber, and do not understand those who feel they need to be liberated. I do greatly admire and offer to help in any way the one's who do show a solid interest in fly-fishing. This is a very male dominated recreation. Probably for a thousand reasons. I am not about to try to change that. I am willing though to help those ladies who are really interested.

Not so they will vote in favor of better regulations, not so they will tag along and keep the camp-fires tended, not so you will have someone to cook the grub; so they can have an even chance to experience what we have found.

There will not be many; mostly they seem not to have the propensity for it; but a few do, and my hat is off to them. Welcome gals; if you truly want this, you have already started; FAOL will help in any way possible. ~ JC

P.S. Just got these in today, Product Review to follow.

Climax Tippet

Climax Leaders

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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