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June 28th, 1999


For years the word in the fly-line industry was something like this: There is stuff built into the lines that migrates to the surface and repels dirt, makes the line slippery, repels UV, and does a lot of other wonderful things.

That line of advertising worked for a long time. Then something changed. As it always does and must. Not that the lines were in any way poor; just the opposite, they were great and the angler was the winner. No more! A new era has dawned and once again, the angler will be the winner if he can figure out the differences and select the proper fly-line for his exact needs.
If not, he may once again screw-up.

It's hard enough to figure out what line you need, what with all of the brands, sizes, types, lengths, prices, qualities, and other information available. Now, you need to figure out if you need (spell that want), or think you want, or are sold on the new 'Super-Slick' fly-lines.

What are they? They are the opposite of fly-lines that have been promoted, advertised, hyped, and sold for many of the past years. These new fly-lines have a 'coating' baked onto-and-into them that is wonderful (so say the makers of the 'super-slick' lines) never needs cleaning, and lasts the life of the fly-line.

Ok, it was a great idea to have lines that had stuff which floated to the surface and did good things. Now it is even better to have fly lines which do not. It is cooked onto them. Ok, so let's see what happens. There are a whole lot of things which go into the make-up of a fine performing fly-line. I happen to really like the old silk lines, but that is another subject. How will these guys handle the core material? Will they improve that too; or have they already? Will the 'Super-Slick' coating in general enhance the overall utility of the fly-lines? So they really cast further? Or, is the big factor they cast the same distance with less effort?

Only one way to tell. They must perform for you. They must do a better job of laying out your fly, sounding the way you like when you cast, feeling the way you want them to feel, forming the loops you like, and landing on the water as you want.

These things will affect sales. Will you accept the idea? Does the idea sound good enough to buy another fly-line even though you have a perfectly good one already? Or will only those needing a new fly-line purchase them and it will make no real difference in sales? Only time will tell.

As of this writing some companies have gone to the 'Super-Slick' coatings, others have not; relying on the proven formulas of the past several years. It will be interesting to watch the 'Super-Slick' fly-line wars soon to start at a fly-shop near you, if not already. ~ JC
Till next week, remember ...

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