June 12th, 2006

Reading FAOL
By James Castwell

Thank you. I really mean that. You have taken the time, your hard earned leisure time, to stop in here each week and see what we're up to. That's an investment on your part, an investment of time and involvement; I hope we give you your monies worth. We do try. Each week we attempt to have something for everyone, something related to fly fishing. It's an enjoyable task, obviously or we wouldn't be still doing it. Ten years now and a new issue every week.

I think we have a great readership; you. You're in good company, some say that's how one should judge themselves, by the company they keep.

In our society these days, what with iPod's, T.V., computers, radio and who knows what, it's far too easy to just sit back and be a passive target of information. Being a receptacle for information is not communication. It's being a sponge. Once in a while we see evidence of it on our bulletin board, someone will just ask a question instead of even attempting to find the answer or information. Nothing wrong with that, there may be many answers and ideas involved. But, reading. Reading things like my column and the LF's and the other writers who each week bring you some thoughts on their world at the moment, that's where real communication takes place.

The exchange of thoughts and ideas lately is almost a rare event. Too often the information super-highway is just a 'one-way street'. Exchanging thoughts requires risk. A possible shaking up of our settled ideas. New information and a new dimension may materialize. Whole new avenues of involvement might happen. That's a risk. But, that's a risk you have obviously weighed and found agreeable. You have 'spent' your time and 'risked' your thoughts to what ever we might present to you. That's what I want to thank you for. Your trust. Confidence. Patience. Involvement. Support.

Together, readers supporting the writers, the writers working for the readers, all of us joining together can make this website a pleasant place to be truly a fraternity of flyfishers. The one website which provides, no matter how or where we fish, no matter what quality of equipment or how good we are with it, the place we can all come to and find what we are looking for. FAOL has become what you have made it. We just stood by and gave you a place to build it. Congratulations. I think you've done a fine job and are making a good investment. ~ JC

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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