June 11th, 2001

Free Stuff
By James Castwell

As many of you already know, each month we here at FAOL give away something neat. All you have to do is fill out the questions on the bottom of the front page where it says, "Register now for the 'month' Drawing!" put in your email address and you are in. Then each month just fill in your name, no need to answer the questions again. That's all there is to it to be eligible for the drawing.

The merchandise is donated for you by our great sponsors. Sometimes there are products so new they are not even on the market yet. Remember, we are not on the leading edge of the fly-fishing world, WE ARE THE EDGE! This is where it is at, and you know it.

PLEASE... DO NOT ENTER MORE THAN ONCE IN A MONTH! If you do, your name is automatically thrown out! All of your names! You have NO CHANCE to be selected if you enter more than once.

The sponsors who have donated these items and you have made FAOL the largest fly-fishing web site period. No other has as many pages and as much real useful information as this one. We are honored and grateful for the involvement of so many who have given so much for the success of this fraternity.

If in the past you have not signed up for the FREE DRAWING, here are some of the things you have missed out on:

  • A dry fly neck, J.V., or saddle, Conranch Hackle.
  • 2 Ott Fly Tying Lights with Magnifier.
  • The Ultimate Fly Tying Box.
  • Triad Float Tube, from Trout Traps.
  • Downstream Chest Fly Box System.
  • Custom made D & E rod of the winners choice.
  • 5 copies of A.K.'s Fly Box.
  • Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine, 12 subscriptions.
  • Stafford Creek, Bahamas 3 day bonefishing trip.
  • J. Austin Forbes Avon Reel.
  • 6 Subscriptions, Fly Fishing and Tying Journal
  • BARE Breathable Waders and Wading Boots.
  • 6 Pair of Fitovers Polarized Sunglasses.
  • Gatti 2000 Series Saltwater Reel.
  • Raffle Ticket, Signed Print for the Makers Rod 2000.
  • Fly Tying Stand from Masterpiece Woodworks.
  • 3 Fly Rods from Global DorbeR.
  • 3 Selected packages of gear from BW Sports.
  • 6 Loaded Dubbing Dispensers from Ronn Lucas Sr.
  • Tropical Adventure from Fly Fish Costa Rica.
  • Ron Kusse Bamboo Rod Blank.
  • 6 Cortland Fly Lines.
  • 8 Joan Wulff videos, Dynamics of Fly Casting from Royal Wulff.
  • 6 Orvis Wonderlines.
  • 5 Selections of Anglers's Choice tying materials.
  • 2 Ray Gould's Secrets of the Constructing the Bamboo Fly Rod.
  • 5 Hackle necks from Ewing Hackle.
  • Sterns Suspender-type Personal Floatation Device.
  • 5 Subscriptions, Abernaki Fly Fishing Magazines.
  • 15 Fish Bums' Guide To Catching Larger Trout, autographed.
  • Oasis Compact Tying Bench.
  • Gatti FRC Fly Rod.
  • Fly Fishing Library, Cowles Publishing.
  • Guided Fishing Trip, Fly Factory, Grayling MI.
  • The Art Of Fly Tying 6 Sets, Book and C.D.
  • Cortland Vista Turbine Fly Reel.
  • Makers Rod Raffle Ticket, 1999.
  • Autographed copy of The Essential Guide to Fly Fishing.
  • Hand tied and signed "Historical Royal Coachman" Fly Plate, Mike Croft.
  • Limited Edition, signed print of "FISHER."
  • 5 of The Angler's Art Video tapes.
Now, if you would like to read what the actual winners of these things had to say, just click on this link and away you go. But do hurry back and sign up for our monthly drawing, you could be missing a lot. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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