June 10th, 2002

By James Castwell

Keeping with our aim to bring you information ahead of the printed media, here is something not yet out. For years, decades and generations, there has been a great amount of confusion about who, when, and where our 'Flies' were created. With the fantastic advances and the co-operation of many countries involved, using the most modern and lightning-fast computers, an organization has undertaken the monumentous job of solving the problem. With dedicated research members in nearly every fly-fishing country in the world, they are dedicatedly digging into every archive possible to find the answers.

The goal is to catalog all of the flies known at this time and continue the list into the future. This is an immense undertaking and they are pursuing a international grant. Total funding should be in place shortly.

For way too long anglers and tiers alike have not given proper credit to the originators of the flies which we take so casually for granted. Those enterprising pioneers who, often with the crudest of tools and the simplest of materials envisioned and crafted the stalwarts of our trade today, have gone virtually unknown. Their names and locations have been lost, or so it was thought. However with today's technology they feel they will be able to research and give proper credit to nearly 98.37% of all flies known today, and more than that in the future.

An added bonus is their willingness to continue the listings for an indefinite period of time. Anyone who creates a fly from now on can register it with them at no cost. A simple form from them can be down-loaded (a pdf file) from their web site. Once filled in, it can be e-mailed, faxed or sent by regular mail.

'RegFly.org' is not quite up and 'on-line' yet but by the time you read this they expect to be in full operation, running the fastest hardware and software created specifically for the purpose. I understand they are also actively looking for volunteers willing to help in the research. If you are, or know of anyone you feel is qualified, be sure to go to the 'Special Volunteer' page and fill in the simple form. They have an 800 number on that page for your convenience.

The printed publication, The Official Journal of RegFlies.org should be available in the early part of 2003. It will be a large volume and will be well cross-indexed, both in text and photos. It will be invaluable for outdoor writers, and to not only settle arguments once and for all, but will properly give credit to those fine people who gave birth to our great recreation.

While FlyAnglers OnLine.com is in no any part of this, we felt you would be interested and probably be willing to discuss this with your friends. We feel this will most likely be a topic of conversation in many places for a long time. www.RegFly.org ~ ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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