June 9th, 2008

Which Flies Are Acceptable?
By James Castwell

Not sure if I should write this or not. Probably that means I shouldn't. So here I go. It's about which flies I would use or which ones you might use. What do I mean by that? Just something to think about, not something we actually should do or get in a 'shin kicking contest' over.

But, it has occurred to me that it might not be 'really sporting' to use a 'flesh fly'. I mean, gee-whiz, flinging a fly that looks like a hunk of a rotting fish? Have we no shame? Ethics. Morals? Somewhere there must be a line to be crossed or ignored. Is there such a line? Do you have one? Do I have such a line and do I ever violate my own 'standards'? Do I actually have any standards at all for that matter?

I don't know. That is my problem with all of this. These are just unresolved thoughts and questions rattling around in my old bean, bouncing off the side-walls of a rather thick skull. Would I fish a fly that looked like an angleworm? A San Juan worm? A nightcrawler?

Maybe it's fine to fish with flies that look like crickets and bumble bees and Praying Mantis and Horse Flies, but not alright to fish with things that look like blood-suckers? My problem is that I know I have certain 'feelings' about 'certain' flies and so do you. What the heck do I base mine on and what do you base yours on? Certainly we do not all agree as to which is which. But, why should there be any 'line to cross' at all.

Is it fine to tie on a heavy weighted number two streamer, cast it out in a foot of shallow estuary water, let it sit and wait until a Chum Salmon swims into the leader, pull back and have the fish hooked inside of the mouth at least half of the time? What if a steelhead accidentally flosses himself on your leader? How would you know anyhow?

Are there good reasons to be 'elitist' and not fish with certain flies? Would not fishing a 'flesh-fly' be an ethical decision or just being an elitist-snob? If you knew that the fish would only take a certain fly (looks like a salmon egg) would you fish it? Does being a fly-fisherman require a certain set of actions and attitudes? If so, what are they and who said so? Should they be the same everywhere? What if you were fishing in Europe and the law required you kill every fish you catch. Would you fish? What fly would you use?

Atlantic Salmon are revered by most. You have a chance to make a cast to a twenty pounder that is nipping things from the surface. Would you use a Bomber? If you had the time, would you tie on a fly you had tied or use one you bought, or would it matter? If double hooks were allowed, would you feel it was more classy to switch to one? What if he was rolling for nymphs and you are a 'dry fly guy'?

I'm sure there are many more thoughts on these subjects. I have no answers, heck don't really have any questions. Just random things rattling around. Enjoy. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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