J. Castwell
June 7th, 1999

Now Drop Your Right Foot

Ok, so now you are 'standing tall' and look real good with a fly rod. Well, at least some better than you did and you can now pitch a tight loop once in a while. Consider that the basic stance. Try to use it every time you go out to practice, kind of a 'back to basics' thing. You may be surprised to know many to just that. If, in the course of advancing in casting, things seem to go a bit off-center for you, go back to the basic stance and start from there again. You need to have one for sure way of casting that you can always rely upon.

Now that you have that working for you, extend some fly line carefully keeping control of the loops (front and back) and watch the 'line-speed.' If it starts to slip, shorten the line until you can properly handle it, while maintaining loop control. If the back loop gets away from you do not try to over-power the rod to get it back up to speed; great way to break a fly rod. Shorten the fly line and start fresh. Drop your right foot back to where it is comfortable, maybe twelve inches or so.

Here is where you (now that you have some better amount of fly line in the back cast) start to watch the back cast by turning your head and this time let the right shoulder drop a bit after the rod stops on the back-cast. After the stop, raise the right elbow and let the rod drift back toward the back-cast. This will help take some of the slack out of the line so when you come forward you have a tight line to pull against.

It will also help line feed into the back-cast if you use the double haul. Remember, you are trying to break an old habit; swinging and lobbing the rod like you did with the spinning rod. If you find yourself reverting to that style, stop and start over with the feet together stance. The major muscle group we are working with here is holding your hat up. Not an easy thing to change.

Next week I will try to pick you up at this point. For right now, work hard to make every practice cast as good as you can. Stand tall, firm wrist, shoulders back, gut in. ~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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