June 7th, 2004

News Release
T.V. Fishing Shows Swell Book Sales.
By James Castwell

It was reported today from informed sources that the latest increase of drivel foisted on the boob-tube-viewing public has anglers running in droves to their favorite book emporiums. And for good reason. Make that, 'reasons,' sorry.

"When was the last time you read of our hero screwing up netting a fish? Slashing at the entangled denizen trapped head first in the bag? Or, did you ever read of him about to release a fish only to have it leap from his uncontrollably shaking hands and plop 'kerplunk' back into the water? Never happens in print. Did he ever bust a multi-hundred dollar rod by pointing it backward while fighting a monster? Of course not. Our warm and comfy friends of the print world always get it right.

Not only do these shows make us, the 'commoners' look good, but they inject a comic-relief element into our drab little lives. So goes our T.V. viewing. It has a place. But, now take books. And they are in record numbers these days. And you know what? They are not all of the 'How To' type either. A lot are, but many, many are not. They are on the nature of 'Why To' and 'How things were a few years ago.'"

And so it goes. We are searching, looking, learning, advancing, and for some, remembering. Quality will always win out over quantity. Some cases in point. I can not remember ever using certain combinations of terminal fly set-ups. Just didn't appeal to me. But, many of you have used them and still do. In fact, they are your favorite methods. For instance this from my dimly lit past on the South Branch of Michigan's Au Sable river.

I wanted to see if I could get some brookies to hit a nymph if it was running about a foot in front of a small streamer. Simple enough to set up, a dropper from the tippet knot, one end left long to the nymph and the streamer on the end of the tippet. It cast like crap, wanted to twist and tangle on nearly every cast, but I just had to find out. Did the fish take the nymph so they streamer could not get it? Did I create some competition? Who knows, but the trout were always on the nymph except for once. Big brookie took the streamer...and the nymph too!

Do I fish the rig today? Heck no, never did after that weekend. I was curious that's all. What did I prove? Not a darn thing, who knows what devilment lurks in the noggin of a trout, especially a brook trout. We all seem to be after different things from this game we play, sometimes to our emotional detriment too. In our desire to help educate and share with our fishing comrades we sometimes forget these different goals such as they may be.

I only fish dries for trout these days, just do, that's all. I like to do it that way. Am I wrong for not using nymphs and streamers, and emergers and wet flies and skaters and combinations of some of each? No I am not, I fish the way I do because it is the way I like to fish! And so do you. And so do your buddies. Each has his own rewards he seeks, once found, he repeats the regimen.

So, when I am tempted to try in some way, to influence you or someone else as to a method of fishing, I probably shouldn't be. We are all after something different, most have found it, a few are still searching. Fun isn't it? ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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