June 3rd, 2002

Win a Sage Fly Rod
By James Castwell

The phone rang and it was Ron Kusse from New York, he calls a few times a week, if I don't call him first. He is the official supervising the American Casting Association (A.C.A.) casting events at the 2002 Fish-In out there this July. Sometimes he is like a mother-hen, fusses over everything, has to make sure of all the details, don't know what I would do without him.

"Jim, that's bait, pure and simple, it's bait."

"Never said it wasn't" I agreed. "I know it is and they know it is, but I don't see the problem."

"Well, just so long as everyone knows it is not part of the Casting Competition."

"Ron, look, we'll do it just like last year, no one had any problem with it last year, did they?"

"No, I guess not, and quite a few signed up for the contest because they knew they would have a chance at the rod."

"Ok, here is how I plan on doing it for this year. To be in either of the contests, distance or accuracy, a guy needs to be a member of A.C.A., still ten bucks isn't it?"

"Ya, hasn't changed in years," Ron replied.

"Then as a premium for entering the events we will give everyone a numbered ticket. I'll have someone draw one ticket on Saturday night from a hat from the stubs of both events. Whoever has the right one gets the rod right there."

"Alright, just so long as they all know that is not the A.C.A. that is giving away anything. You get the rod yet?"

That was my opening. I went on to tell him I had been out to Sage that morning and made out like a bandit. These rods go for $580.00 each and on my kitchen table right now were three brand new SLT 586-4's. In language you and I can understand that would be three, top of the line, 5 weight, 8 and a half foot, four-piece fly rods. Why do I have three? You got to be kidding, right? One to give away, and one for me to fish with and one for my wife to fish with. Not only that, we will make them available to cast while we are at the New York Fish-In and the one in Idaho too. The only down-side is we have to give ours back to them at the end of the season.

These SLT rods are at the center of the Sage line of fly rods, a series popular with all casters, young and old, new and venerated veteran. They have all the power needed for a five weight and the proper finesse for presenting small flies. Sage has been a long-time supporter of ours and we are most grateful for this contribution. We support fly-fishing, they support us. Thanks guys, from all of us at FAOL.

A five weight is about ideal for the West Branch of the Delaware and out in Idaho too. We will also have a couple of three weights along just in case. So there you have it, bait without a doubt. Anyone who signs up for either of the casting contests will get a ticket and a chance at the rod. Yes, I know some will enter just to have a shot at the rod and I hope they will. If someone does not cast however, he will not be eligible for the drawing. Who made up that rule? Me.

These are very structured doings. Special fly is provided, rods measured, lines, leaders checked, distances recorded, timed with a stop watch; it takes a 'mother-hen' to do it right. If you don't plan on entering the events, at least be there to watch the 'great and near-great,' giving it their best stuff. I think there will be a 'Broom' event to follow the real casting, in fact, I know there will, I just built a new broom for it.

We had a great time last year and it looks like we will have a lot more folks with us this year, things are shaping up well. You want a picture of the rod? Sure. And, good luck, you just might be looking at your new Sage SLT 586-4. ~ ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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