May 28th, 2007

Those New Guys
By James Castwell

Our problem is that the new guys don't even know FAOL is are here when they are really new. They start into fly fishing by all sorts of methods, a buddy mentions it, they try a fly rod while using a spinning one themselves, perhaps a salesman lights a fire in them at a sporting goods store. Who knows. But, it is not on here first. Many do find us though, our stats show a lot of use in the Beginners Sections all year round. That is where you come in. Our sport needs those of you who are out on the streams and lakes actually doing this stuff, not just writing about it. You know the old expression about those who can't do it, just write about it. Well, I can't be out there where you are and here is what you might consider doing.

When 'those new guys' start off, and I don't care how old they are either on this. We get email from all ages, teenagers to retired fellas, and much of it is on the same subject. The cost of a whole fly-fishing rig. Rod-reel-line. I know we all have different ideas of how much a rod should cost, but most of the beginners are confused. Will a cheap combo let them get started, but not discourage them. Or do they need to lay out half a house payment to get started?

And some still think it is an 'elitists' sport. Is that because so much of our toys cost so much? Could be. We need you guys to take them by the hand and gently lead them along. Will you explain to them that a $60.00 combo might actually catch fish or that $60.00 is what they should pay for just the fly line? By now you know enough to be of help to them. Lend a hand. Encourage them. Give them a pointer on casting, at least that they should stop the rod to make the line go.

We need all the new guys we can get. Our resources need them. We need to grow fly-fishing every chance we get. Some folks in the past worked really hard to leave us what we have now and it is our duty to repay them with our efforts and to build and maintain as good a fishery for the future that we can.

What you will be opening up to them is far beyond their wildest dreams. They have no idea what this is all about. Most think it is a neat way to catch fish. Of all the things it is; catching fish is the least. But, we all know that now. Don't we. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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