May 5th, 2003

Central Washington Fish-In
By James Castwell

Boy, how things change. I was reading the other day about a guy who fly fishes and writes about it; says he has color coded all of his stuff. Like if he wants to go to Montana, he just grabs the gear color-coded for out there. Or, the Bahamas, different color. Well, 'La-dee-da!'

It ain't like that at my house. Once, a few years back, living in Montana myself, I fished mostly the same stream and took only what I needed when I hit the water. These days, I have my gear scattered from breakfast to Sunday. Every time I go someplace I have dig all through everything, trying to remember what it is I should take and where I stashed the last time I used it.

A good case in point was this last weekend at the Central Washington Fish-In. Should I take a net? I usually don't use one, but will someone think I am not doing things right if I don't net my fish? The heck with them, I left the net at home, been hand landing my trout for too many years to change now.

Flies? Swell, what ones would I need? I solved that one easily; (I finally found) one small box of 16 and 18 PMD'S and BWO's. If they wouldn't eat those, they could just starve. Actually, I planned on begging flies from 'Linemender,' the word was he had tied up a bunch of 'killers.'

Hippers or waders? Neither, rubber bottomed moccasins. Warm jacket, rain jacket; which hats? Both. Two lawn chairs and a small table, some grill's for the stove to roast the oysters on and our offering for the pot-luck, rolls and the smoke/lemon/butter for the oysters. Camera, batteries, sunglasses.

How about fly rods. I could not go with just the ones I would fish (Gatti 3wt's) with. I took a few of the other rods we have for the gang to play with, brands they may not have had a chance to cast at their local fly shop. Not a problem, glad to do it and our sponsors dig it too. Works all the way around. I don't sell anything, just let them out to play, so to speak.

And that means I needed reels and lines for all that stuff too. See what I mean, life is not easy anymore. Tough job but someone's got to do it I guess, might just as well be me.

You want the truth? I start about a week ahead of time piling things on the couch in the livingroom, then keep adding to the pile. As it always does, it worked out fine. We dropped the dog off at the Vet's early Friday morning and made it to the campground about mid-afternoon, got back here tonight and we're back at work. The event was a grand time and I am sure it will be one of many held there.

We'll have photos up in next week's issue. Would have had some for this issue but for some technical problems. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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