May 4th, 2009

Another New Chat-Room
By James Castwell

Ah yes, yet another chat-room. How many have we had over these years. Three at least, maybe four or five; hard to remember them all. With each comes the fun of learning what all the 'whistles & bells' do. We do not seem to have the same learning curves. The older I get the more mine changes. I hope you find our newest chat-room the easiest of all to function in.

I do remember one of our first ones. Some guys would have their cache fill up, the text would turn red and poof; all gone. Staring at a frozen screen. Don't feel badly, happened to me more often than you might think. Remember, computers are by nature evil, they hate us all, equally. Well, except for you Mac guys.

That room cost us plenty too back then. They have come down in cost these days and gone up in quality for the most part. This is our new room, all paid for and we are still making tiny corrections on it. You will find it has many features we have never had before, not all of which are turned on at this time. Going to be a fun ride.

Fast. Way beyond the speed of any chat-room we have ever had before, blazing fast response time. You may type something, (I did) hit enter and wonder why it didn't transfer to the room. And you watch and watch (yes, I did this). Then it hits you, it did it so fast you never saw it. For sure, it has happened to me a couple of times already. Makes me feel stupid, I'm just so used to the transfer speed of the older chat-rooms I guess.

I really like the little ‘pencil icons' by any name on the right side list when someone is typing. Lets you know who is almost ready to send something. Kewl. The ‘FAOL Profiles' feature now brings you the full profile from the Bulletin Board section. Nice that the two programs will talk to each other like that. There is a small local profile section too, use it if you want like. One thing I like too is that when a person 'logs off' it says so on the chat page. Annoying when I notice that someone just dropped off, but who was it? Now we can see his name right away. A lot of other 'goodies' are standard with this one and even more are possible in the future.

The old chat-room was busted, files got corrupted and the ability to re-write and overload had reached the maximum in futility. It was time to start fresh with a new one. Hope we can all make friends with it and continue to enjoy our times together. It seems to be working out very well so far. The little video in the lower right corner will have a wide selection of fly casting film clips. Presentations, pickups and tips and tricks. You can float it around on the page or reduce it to make room for a longer list of names if you wish.

Rather soon I will rearrange and expand our hosts members too. More on that as it happens. Any volunteers out there, email me with the offer. Look at the slots that are filled now, pick one that is empty. I have had several offer to host but have held back until this new room is up and running. To those of you who have offered and shown interest in hosting, you have not been forgotten. I will make sure that you all get the opportunity if you still are willing to help out.

I would like to have the room hosted during the evening hours every day and longer during the weekends. Also I would like to have random hosts during some off hours. To be a random host you need to be able to hold at least one regular two hour shift as well. If you want or can, fill more than one two hour slots, that would be great too. Dependability is very important.

To any who have not joined us in the chat room, please check it out. There is someone in most of the time in the evenings, usually a host as well. Pretty friendly bunch just gossiping about things related to fly fishing. Even possible to learn a thing or two occasionally and spend a pleasant evening as well. Don't think you have all the answers to anything; it's not a quiz program.

Hit the chat room link from the main page, the top of the BB or a link near the bottom of the BB. Follow the directions and you will pop right in. See you there. ~ JC

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Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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