April 30th, 2007

By James Castwell

You would think at my age I would not have very many wants. Well, just so you will know, even us old guys still have things we want. And like Martha Stewart says, "That's a good thing." We have the Michigan 'Fish-In' coming up in July and my wife and I are of course going back there to be part of it. Ron Kusse is working on a new cane rod for us. Well, actually it is for Deanna. We have a 6 weight quad now and this will be a five weight quad. We are really hoping we can have both rods to fish with in Michigan.

These Fish-In's are a big deal for everyone, but especially for us. It is our home water, where we met and actually were married stream side. To fish once more the big hex mayfly hatch with nearly matching cane rods is something we both would like to do. How many more times we can make the trip is anyone's guess? This may be the last, who knows. We can't do these things forever. Since it's where we started together it might be nice to wrap things up out there with a nice fishing trip.

I talked to Ron and he said it's a 50/50 chance that he may get it done in time. I might have to wait until this fall in Idaho for the October Caddis event though. Somehow just having to wait for something is good. This is one of those things that it doesn't matter how much money a guy has, you still have to wait.

I still remember my cane rods I have had over the years. Each one seems more like a pet or close relative than something just to fish with. I wonder if some of you guys feel that way too, about your cane rods. I know I do. I don't think it's a snobby thing at all. Just how I feel about something made of wood, not manufactured. Something that was alive at some time in the past. To fish with a tool that was alive. Kind of a funny feeling. I like it. Feels good.

I do know that the more I learn about rods, casting them, and fly-fishing, the more I get out of it. I wonder if I knew back when I was thirty what I know now, if I would have enjoyed it more over the years. Maybe, maybe not. No way to tell. It is about the only thing that has remained constant in my life though. I have done and been many things over the years, seemed to have lived several lives. About the only thing which has not changed is my interest in fly-fishing. Always was a place I could retire to and regain my center.

It's been good to me and I have tried to be good back. But, I still want a new rod. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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