April 23rd, 2001

Stop the Rod!
By James Castwell

Well, here it is spring again, and here I am again with the same old song. Ready now? OK, all together, in unison, say it out loud; "STOP THE ROD, STOP THE ROD, STOP THE ROD, STOP THE ROD, STOP THE ROD," and lastly, "STOP THE ROD!"

So it's back to basics for some, for others it's news. STOPPING THE ROD IS WHAT MAKES THE LINE GO! Don' t know how much simpler I can make it, but it seems to be a mystery to many just learning how to cast. For some, there is probably good reason. They have come into fly-fishing (i.e. casting) from spinning. Often a 'lob' style, heaving a big lure, is the way to go. That, of course, is NOT THE WAY TO FLY CAST! (Please forgive the shouting here, but, sometimes that's what it takes) .

I will here insert a column from March 23, 1998 called, How to Cast. DON'T JUST READ IT, GO OUT AND DO IT!


1. String-up fly rod, pull out about 25 feet of line.

2. Extend left arm in front, face high.

3. Bend left hand at wrist, palm facing you; keep it there.

4. Swing fly rod and line behind you.

5. Swing fly rod to front sharply striking palm of extended left hand.

6. Notice, as rod stops at hand, the line shoots forward; Duh!

7. Repeat step #5 two more times.

8. Notice,that the harder rod hits hand, better fly line goes; Duh!

9. Notice left hand now hurts. (If not, repeat #5; this time, harder.)

10. Repeat step #5 WITHOUT HITTING HAND. (Just STOP rod in same place.)

11. Repeat step #10 two more times.

12. Swing fly rod to rear stopping in same way as #10.

13. Repeat step #12 two more times.

14. Combine steps #10 and #12.

15. Repeat step #14 two more times.

16. Call buddy; have him come over and teach him how to cast.

If after performing the above required actions, you are still unable to cast a fly line, do this. While holding the rod in your right hand, extend your left hand about a foot in front of your face, palm facing you, about eye level. Smartly bring the left hand toward your face, being careful not to damage your nose with the heel of your hand. This should result in a 'smacking' sound as your palm contacts your forehead. Exclaim... DUH! Sell (or give) your fly-pole away and take up golf. Stopping the swing there is not considered a good thing, you will fit right in. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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