April 18th, 2005

By James Castwell

Recently there was a question on the bulletin board asking why we didn't have a casting section on our Bulletin Board (BB). The guy liked FAOL but had to go to other sites, like Sexy-loops for any information on casting. He almost demanded that we put up a section on the BB for just casting. A place where guys could ask questions and others could give them answers. (He hadn't bothered to read any of my columns on casting.)

Seems like a fair idea but so far we have not banned anyone from asking casting questions on the BB. Many have posted questions and others have joined in with answers. Apparently this chap just doesn't have the time to look through all the trash on the BB for free casting information. He did mention that he has had instruction from a 'Master Caster' but it didn't seem very good. At this time I do not plan on adding more sections to the BB.

One of the nice things about the BB like ours is finding something you were not looking for. If each section was only about a specific thing it would get boring, almost too much that way now. The way it is I hit most of the categories, don't want to miss anything.

If any of you feel that you would like to see more information on the BB about casting, just ask a question and stand back. You will get answers from 0 to 180 degrees. What works for one may not work for all, but each is proud of what they have learned and most willing to share it with anyone with the time to listen. The answers will be as accurate as possible and the intent could not be more sincere.

Videos were mentioned. Some are better than others, a lot better. Some have parts that are just plain wrong. But, if you like, buy some or rent them and study them for all you can get. Some suggest you turn the sound off and just watch how they do things. In my opinion, you should do some of them the other way around too. Remember, you are watching supposedly some of the best fly casters in the world on these things, or at least those with the greatest egos; or both. These are commercials to get you to cast just like they do, full well knowing that you don't have a chance in heck of ever being as great as they are. Remember they have been reading their own publicity for so long many have actually started to believe it.

Which ever one you decide to 'cast like' remember, that for all the lectures, talks, presentations, schools, books and videos he has made... he has not been able to teach anyone how to cast just like him... no one yet has been able to do it! Either he is wrong, the books are wrong, the lectures were wrong, the videos are wrong... or we are all different!

If we are all different, don't try to cast just like anyone else, not any one of them. You might be darn good someday as yourself, sure be a shame if you hid it under the form and style of some other guy. Be as good as you need to be, cast as well as is necessary to get the job done where ever you fish, be willing to cast any rod, anywhere, any time, ask questions of anyone you think might know more about casting than you do, read, attend programs, expand your knowledge.

Then, every chance you get... help someone else with theirs. ~ JC

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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