April 14th, 2003

Own a Boat or a Fly-rod
By James Castwell

The following is from www.discoverboating.com/articles/healthsurvey.asp.
It seems to claim if you own a boat your life will be a whole lot better. Observe the following:

"More boat owners said their health is excellent or good (83%) than did non-boat owners (77%). Sixty-seven percent of boat owners said having a boat has contributed to their well-being. Boat owners experience greater self-esteem (+10%), ability to enjoy life (+9%) and a better sex life (+7%). Non-boat owners are more prone to feeling useless (+8%), lonely (+7%) unhappy (+5%) and fatigued (+ 4%). Nearly two-thirds of boat owners said owning a boat has brought their family closer. Most boat owners said the benefits of owning a boat include being outdoors (89%), spending time on the water (85%), being able to unwind and leave pressures behind (79%), and finding tranquility (71%)."
Now, that just naturally got me to thinking of some things. This could be used to convince someone you should get a boat, or a float-tube, pontoon, PFD or such. But, I took a look at the numbers and am a bit confused. Like 7% have a better sex life and 9% enjoy life more. Where did the extra 2% come from? Do I really want to know, perhaps not? Does the size of the boat have any relevancy to this whole issue, is bigger better?

And this 10% greater self-esteem, just exactly what is it that produces that? A row-boat or a cruiser? They left out a lot of pertinent information. 77% say owning a boat has contributed to their well-being? From all I have heard, 77% of a boat owners income goes into the boat. A dichotomy for sure. And 88% are in good health? I would be too with a lot more of all the things they claim boat ownership is purported to produce. So I took my own survey.

What would life be like if a guy owned a 'Fly Rod:'

Health: The hours spent, up late tying flies, spent driving to and from a fishing spot, spent frequenting nefarious establishments with others of like ilk for research reasons, the time wasted on repeating the same search each year, hours spent dallying about in leaking rubber pants in a river, the stress of creating excuses for the boss (like having to bury your grandmother at least six times in four years) all these things tend to degrade the general over countenance of one's health a bit. Overall, it would say it does look like it is better to own a boat than a fly-rod on the health issue.

Well-being: What the hell does that mean?

Self esteem: We lose on that one too. There are no more humble souls on earth than fly-fishers. Never are they stuck-up, conceited, nor difficult to get along with; my survey did not of course include fly-shop owners or guides.

Ability to enjoy life/better sex life: I lumped these two together. Wouldn't you? They say that buying a boat will make your number go up at least 7, I think probably a fly-fisher would more likely be an 8 or 9, fly-fishers being so more use to judging numbers and such.

And then there was this in the survey too.

" Non boat owners are more prone to feeling useless, lonely, unhappy or excessively fatigued."

Well, if I felt like that I would not run right out and buy a boat either. I am sure I could find a lot of other things and a hell of a lot cheaper that would make me feel much better. Fly-fishing for one. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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