April 10th, 2006

Casting Analyzer
By James Castwell

Why I will not be bringing one to the "Fish-In's.' Well, it's this way. I am torn about the decision but think this is the best way. Pretty pretentious of me at that. I have not asked if I could, but even if I could, I don't think it's a good idea. Sage has an arrangement with the inventors and they now have it available for their dealers. I don't think it's right for me to take one "into the field" where I might be causing a competition problem with a local fly shop.

I am grateful that Sage let us use one at the Idaho Fish-In last fall. It was a good tool, well accepted and very helpful to all who gave it a try. Sage says it will help your casting and it will. That being said, I and the LF will be at the Central Washington, Quebec, Michigan and Idaho Fish-In's and will be glad to help any who think we can do them any good. We have scheduled a 'real' class for the Michigan Fish-In, mid-day so as not to interfere with fishing.

This is a short column this week, but I know some were coming to the Fish-In's to get a look at the Sage Casting Analyzer and I did not want them to be disappointed. Now, this would be a fantastic idea instead. Check this out:

Find your closest Sage dealer who has one and get tested before you come to the Fish-In. Bring the print out with you and let's see what we can do. Since I have used one, maybe together we can really make some progress. Remember this, it is very new and your Sage dealer may not yet have his. He has to order it. If he doesn't have one, tell him to, hurry up 'cause you need to use it fast.

It comes with the analyzer, Mac computer, rods, loaded software, screen and printer. Not a small investment. If your dealer needs more information he knows right where to get it. So there you have it. We will try our best and be available if you think we can be of help. In the meantime, go get checked out and let's work together. Win/Win... ~ JC

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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