April 2nd, 2007

By James Castwell

That stands for, 'Best Dam Fly Fishing Site Period.' Oh how I wish it were true. We do try pretty hard to make it that way but I am afraid at least I fall very short of the goal. Probably time for me to set aside some of my foolishness and be a little serious for a change.

The set of letters above came in from a reader on June, 20th, 2003. It was part of a nice email we got where he explained that he had stumbled (so much for our advertising methods) about four months previous and ended up deleting about twenty-five others from his bookmarks and spending all of his time on FAOL.

Okay. Very nice to receive things like that. I will say, actually that we do get a lot of email and some of them are really great to receive. Makes doing this thing worthwhile I guess. What was unusual about the one above though was his. The member resent it to us along with another; four years later.

No, I did not have a copy of his earlier email. He enclosed it with his latest one. How very nice to do. My wife handles all of the email, running about a thousand a day that actually make it in here. And she answers every one that requires one. Certainly not a thousand, but quite a few.

I do not get the main box of mail, only the ones that are requesting membership on the BB etc. Those only run a couple hundred a day. No, not all of them are real. My point is that is time for me to sincerely thank all of you who come to the site just to read things and 'lurk' as you call it. Your numbers count though and we both are grateful for your involvement. So are our sponsors. They like to know you have at least been here and read some of the other pages. And you have done it very well.

It was many years ago when we boldly and proudly stated we were the fastest growing fly fishing website. No longer of course. Our size makes the percentage continue to diminish each year. We do keep growing though. With the addition of new pages each week (usually!) And new members signing up every day we continue to be the choice of quite a few.

We still have a few new things in the works but all of them take time and effort and usually at least a few bucks. But they are in the works and if you can, stick with us and help make it fun for everyone. Oh, and keep those email coming; please. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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