March 10th, 2008

Tunnel Vision
By James Castwell

There have been a few times in my past when whatever I was involved with at the time seemed to get boring. It was at those times when I had learned all that was actually necessary about whatever it was to get the job done. Oh the impetuosity of youth. Every time this has happened it was because my scope was too narrow. My view of the subject limited to some small area. Tunnel vision I call it.

Photography became one of them. Literally thousands of slides and prints of insects and trout food. Hey, a guy can only take so many shots of a bug. A water filled slant-tank, a stage for the bugs, two fill lights, a battery-pack medical ring light and double set of extension tubes with a hot Soligar lense. Whoopie. The fun went out of the game.

Oddly, trout fishing fell into the same category for a while. There was a small stretch of river, years ago back in Michigan that I fished often and learned very well. So well that it became easy after a while. My fault for sure, limiting my scope and view of things. Take pictures of other things or extend my river by ten feet and the 'game' would be back on for me. Learning. That's where it is. I must keep the information coming in or I grow tedious. I can not be content to build something and let it run, I must move on. Red Green says, "If it ain't broke, yer not trying hard enough." I like, "If it ain't broke, improve it."

I suppose that is why I stayed at fly casting as long as I did. Still have more to learn. And general fly fishing, what a ways to go there too. For instance, take any two sections of a three piece bamboo rod, are the two ends that join with each other the same size of does the taper step down a notch right there? Depends. There is always more to learn, food for the mind. Mine at least.

Sometimes it is just analyzing where I am and how I got here. And where I should go. On that latter I have had much guidance. Sometimes it is what can pass along in this column. Keeping the passion going, making sure the flame of interest is maintained, forging ahead. Learning more. That is where the fun is. That is where 'game' is. And I am lucky; I got game. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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