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February 21st, 2000

By James Castwell

I know we all love fly-fishing; if not you wouldn't be reading this now. Here is my point, this web site is a bit like a public radio or TV station. FAOL is trying to bring fly fishing to those who would like to know more about it. Our sponsors, knowing this, support us because they may, now or in the future, sell their products to those fly-fishers.

I would not suggest you go out and buy something to show your gratitude, nope not that. But, when you do need something, let them know you are grateful and are willing to support them in exchange. I will suggest you go now to the Sponsors Page and see who is there. Remember, it is THESE folks who are really responsible for this web site being on line. There are new ones signing up all the time too.

With so much information on here I understand your not wanting to spend the time to look them over, but trust me, if not, you are missing things. Often the newest products are on the main page of each sponsor before you ever read about anywhere else. They call or email us and we act the same day. We can move fast, and we do; both for you and them.

And don't forget, if you do not let them know, they may get the silly idea you don't care about THEM! Now, we do not want that to happen. It could turn out they would take their dollars somewhere else. Can't let that happen. I am sure most of us watch some of the fishing shows on TV. Wonderful entertainment, but you often learn more in the commercials than the actual show. You are missing a lot of information (one of the reasons you come here) if you do not check the sponsors page.

For instance, did you know there is a nifty case for your glasses? We all need a case, but this one not only is a case, by inverting, it converts to the hugger to keep them from falling in the drink, and if you drop the whole works, they float. They stay attached to your glasses, have a small hook to fasten to your fly vest too. Neat stuff, called 'Marsoops.' Could make your day a whole lot better, and be perhaps a fine inexpensive gift. That is just one item, do your own search, kinda like going into a new fly shop right from the comfort of your home.

Do you order from Orvis? Did you know you can do your ordering from the link on our Sponsor page? Orvis has a program that lets them know you came from FAOL if you access their On Line catalog from our link - so if you are already an Orvis customer (or not) why not use the link on our Sponsor Page to let them know you are from FAOL - it helps us too!

So there it is, no free lunch. All the parts are necessary. We need you to sign on here, we need sponsors to pay the bills, don't forget the Friends of FAOL helps get the word out too - and FAOL, bustin' our butts each and every week to put it all together.

Remember, 'Life is to a trip, as fly-fishing is to a journey.' The choice is yours; we've made ours. ~ JC

Till next week, remember ...

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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