February 12th, 2001

Letters to the Editor
By James Castwell

"In my opinion the fish reportedly caught by Rex Goodlander and shown in the last issue was nowhere in the 'three-hundred, to three-hundred-twenty' pound range. I have good information the fish was indeed not an ounce over two-fifty if that. This is just another example of how he constantly exaggerates for the purpose of personal aggrandizement."

Or this. "Fall is here and for the next month or so the Blues will be running off our shores. Cut-bait and spoons should bring good results. All anglers are urged to check in with 'Toms Bait and Tackle' next to the marina for the latest information on tides and weather conditions."

As you can see, that was the state of the art in past years. State of the art if you were a sporting magazine, for some it still is, but that is another column. Often from the time you wrote anything for one, sent it in, they received it, read it, accepted it and printed it, it was not news, it was history. Often there would be running feuds by some noted writers exchanged in succeeding issues of the same magazine.

Many problems could arise, like in the first one above, the writer finds out that his information was wrong, the fish was three-hundred-twenty. Now how does he correct his mistake? In the second one the run is over before the magazine goes to print! So what does one do? Use the 'modern' Letters to the Editor method . . . The Bulletin Board (BB) on the Internet.

That is what has happened. Today's BB is yesterdays 'Letters to the Editor,' just a lot faster. I watch ours several times each day for various reasons. The exchange of information is incredible. Often questions are answered in less than an hour from the time they are asked.

Space is no problem, pictures can be added and nearly any subject can be addressed. And here is a plus, if a mistake is made, the author can go back and make a correction. One of the first things I use to read in a magazine was the 'Letters to the Editor,' no wonder we get so much action on our bulletin board here on Fly Anglers OnLine.

If you have not used it yet, give it a try. Anyone can read it, and it is easy to be a member. Just sign in, your password will automatically come back in just minutes by direct e-mail. We have over a thousand registered on it now and it's growing every day. We, of course, do not reveal your e-mail address to anyone at anytime for any reason; however, if you wish you can make it known when you post your messages on the bulletin board.

Welcome to instant Letters to the Editor. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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