February 6th, 2006

How to 'Re-connect'
By James Castwell

A little 'fan-fare' here, a drum-roll might be in order and a couple of tubas. Tubas always add that certain note of authenticity to things like parades, announcements and coronations sometimes. This might be something like that, an 'outing' an announcement of sorts or just one of my usual stabs at trying to bring you some more interesting stuff. Interesting at least to me.

Enough you say! Right you are, on with it. Here and now. Another stunning advancement from the mighty 3M outfit and their ever creative folks who bring you all of the nifty goodies for fly fishing.

My situation is this. 3M is the parent of several of the companies which are sponsors on FAOL. One of which is Scientific Anglers. Am I bias and predigest toward them? Have to admit I am. I grew up with in 18 miles of SA and have known just about everyone who has worked there since it first got out of the kitchen and up and running. Was a great bunch and still are. So I am very pleased when they pop up with something new and give me a chance to bring it to all of you. That is a 'win-win-win' deal. My problem is that I do not have enough information to do a 'Product Review' and the time and place to do one.

So I am going to put it all into one of my columns. I have the info and I want you to have it. This is the only way I can 'get 'er done' right now.

Check this picture out. It will be what you see at your fly shop soon and will have the information you are looking for.

Here is the deal. You all know about the 'Line-to-Leader' connecters SA has out. Just the ticket for some situations. Selling well, doing great for those who use them. Now they have invented a version which is 're-usable.' That's right, you can put one on the end of your fly line and then if you have some of your leaders attached to a section of a 're-connect' you can switch in a flash while on stream.

Here is what I mean. Let's say you don't really know what to fish with. It's noon on the stream and nothing is much happening. You want to see if you can pound anything up with a dry fly. You open your SYSTEM X FLY BOX and pull out an already fashioned dry fly leader, 12 ft. 7 X with the Bivisible already tied onto it.

After twenty minutes of 'casting practice' you come to that bend by the big log and the dark pool. Perfect streamer territory. Back into your SYSTEM X BOX and out you come with a 7ft. 0X leader with the number 2 woolly-bugger anchored to it. One 'POP' and you are ready to cast to the pool. A few casts and you move on to the run and it's nymphing time. Right, back to the SYSTEM X BOX and out with the 9ft. 5X leader tipped with the PT just anxious to go fishing.

Ok, you get the point. You are in control. Use the SA leaders or your own. Pre-tying them may be your thing or not, but you have the option. I like that option. There are times when I may use it, other times probably not. Also the nice thing is, the SA SYSTEM X BOX's are waterproof and as you know, offer different pages you can switch so you do not need many boxes, just pages for your flies. They will now HAVE PAGES FOR YOUR LEADERS if you want them too. So let's try to wrap this up for you. Not right now, but pretty darn soon 'at a fly shop near you' you will be able to get the System X Fly Box with the different pages for different types of flies and with pages for your leaders as well. You will be able to re-connect your leaders and switch them around in a flash with these locks as you wish, your leaders or theirs.

~ JC

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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