February 5th, 2007

Been a Long Winter
By James Castwell

It seems the longer I am around fly fishing the less I know about it. Oh, it's not that I don't have answers, I have plenty; just not sure of the questions anymore. A lot of what I write on here is designed to try to help guys figure things out for themselves. Like, how in the heck can I tell a guy what he would like in a rod? So I bring up things that will have a person asking themselves questions and it will be their answers that will help them make the choice. For instance, "what kind of rod should I get for trout fishing?" It might help to ask him what size the water is that he plans to fish. Or the fish themselves. Or the flies.

But, I run into opposition when I post on the Bulletin Board. Most of the comments I make are targets for argument. If I give a direct answer there are those who will offer the direct opposite advise. That is not good for the newby. Especially when the advise is directly wrong. If I answer by asking questions to help the newby figure things out this is met with what do I really mean. I am often tempted to never, ever, post any thing of there again. Or continue these columns for that matter.

Many times on the Bulletin Board there will be a subject that starts off innocently but will get sidetracked and tempers will flair, emotions will come out, names may be called and things get out of control. I used to try just removing the last most offensive post, but found that then both sides got angry as by then they both were anxious for a good fight and wanted it to continue. The only way left, which is what I do now, is to pull the whole thread down. No one ever knows what the last post was, or who put it up, but it caused the whole thing to be killed. If that is the was some want to play, by screwing things up and making it bad for the others, I have no control over it. Life is like that. Some jerks can screw up things for the rest. There are responsibilities for actions. Although they always whine and complain when it happens, and I get blamed for taking it down. Well, such is life.

There seems to be a tendency in today's folks to demand answers to everything. To not be able to find or figure out anything for themselves, but that somehow we all must be slave to their demands. I think it is the schools that turn out these idiots. Pumped with answers without the ability for thought. Zero tolerance is a good example of such a tactic. No thought needed. Just fill in the little check boxes. Keep out of responsibility. Do not make waves. Don't rock the boat.

I am old enough to remember the last ice age, it was called 'global cooling.' They made a big deal out of it. Guess we succeeded. Now it's fashionable to go the other direction. The last time the globe warmed up we hadn't invented cars yet. Simple solution, once a day everybody hold your breath for half a minute, especially the hogs at the troughs in Washington DC. Be tolerant of everyone else's opinion, as long as they agree with you. Support our troops, but hope they quit shooting people. Press one for English. Let's have lots of little countries here. Bring all the great features of the lands everyone flees from. Do not erect wind-farms in front of a politicians house, it makes them grouchy. Do not drill for oil. Keep the pipelines flowing from other countries, good for the exchange rate.

There are a few more things I could mention but I don't want this to sound like a rant, folks find them offensive and we get nasty email's asking us, "How could you possibly..." Tired of them. Send them to someone who might actually care. Hope you find time to get out soon. Been a long winter. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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