February 5th, 2001

The Guest Book
By James Castwell

For many things I am grateful; the following are clips from the 'Guest Book' here on Fly Anglers On Line. Not everyone reads it nor takes the time to put something on it, but some do. We have had several thousand entries over the years, these are just a few mostly from outside our country. To the authors of these and the thousands not listed, my sincerest thanks. It is a privilege and an honor to bring this to you each week. For we are, 'of flyfishers, by flyfishers and for flyfishers,' without whose gracious contributions we would not exist.

It helps keep me in tune on duty. American Military, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Balkins

Great site, my best compliments, sorry for my english. Ceparana, Italy

I love the site, Antwerpen, Belgium

Excellent site. I was in doubt about getting into fly tying. You just got me into it!. Kudos Bahía Blanca, BA ARGENTINA

Brilliant site. Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hey, Great site, really handy on the Tying hints. berra, ACT Australia

Your site is great! Very good ! I have looked at so many some. Deutschland in Europa

Great Site. I liked reading the comments by other Fly Fishermen. Burnie, Tas Australia

Very nice site. very informative. Roundup, MT USA

Excellent Site! Thanks for sharing! Maple Valley, WA USA

The best fly tying site on the web. South Plainfield, NJ USA


Excellent set, very well done, keep up the good work. Caledonia, Ont Canada

Hi I have just found your site in Fly Fisherman.Ottawa, Ontario Canada

I really appreciate the quality of this site. Brisbane, Old Australia

This is just the sort of site I've been looking for. Wales, UK

Hi to all I am an Italian fly fisher and I enjoy to visit this site! Cuneo, ITALY

This site is the best for flyfishing.Velenje, Slo Slovenia

Wonderful site for a beginner like me. Tilburg, Holland

Definitely the most comprehensive I've found, excellent for fly tying novices or accomplished tiers. Cleveland, N.E. England UK

Fantastic & informative site especially for the dark winter nights. Gothenburg, Sweden

What a site! This gives me a great read while the floods subside. Barnsley, England

I use your site as the place to send them for information.Brisbane, Qld Australia

This site is a diamond in the rough. Sechelt, BC Canada

Very nice site-keep on with the good work. Tromsĝ, Norway

Hello FAOL - Team, this is one of the best fly fishing sites in the net. Barsinghausen, Germany

I have find the "BEST" site for flyfishers. GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!! OSLO, NORWAY

Excellent site. Belfast, Northern Ireland

A truly excellent site. Dublin, Ireland

Great site and resource I am happy to see some Atlantic salmon on your site. Miramichi, NB Canada

The web is very nice and interesting, congratulations. S.S. de Jujuy, Argentina

Very informative site with an excellent chat room - The best I have been to. Adelaide, SA Australia

Das beste was ich bisher im Internet über Fliegenfischen gesehen habe. Lübeck, Germany

Thanks for a great site. Johannesburg, South Africa

You have very nice site. Gdynia, Poland

Simply the best site I have come across. Reykjavik, Iceland

What a great site. Johannesburg, South Africa.

Great Site! I'm happy that have found it. Irkutsk, Russia

A very good site with lots of usable information. Weert, LB the Netherlands

Hey, what a great site thanks for all your info. Gore, New Zealand

I have just started flyfishing so I thought about signing up on this website. Leeds, Yorkshire England

A great site, well done. Narnargoon, Vic Australia

THE NUMBER ONE in fly fishing and tying. City Bell, Bs.As. Argentina

The best site that I have seen, congratulations. Campinas, SP Brasil

At last, something too enjoy on the internet-site!! Gent, Belgium

Thank you for the excellent article: Are you a Fly fisherman? Kosice, Slovakia

It is nice to be able to find a link with other flyanglers. Duban, Natal South Africa

Oh very nice page, I have found many good tips on your site.Stade, GERMANY

I think this next one may say it all:

In Mongolia we are quite cut off from information on flyfishing, I have been surfing the web and found your site, it truly is great, with good and useful information for people starting up and for the experienced person. People might think that in Mongolia we don't do much fly fishing, when I arrived in 1991, the Mongolian fishermen would look at me and say to themselves, "what is he doing," today we have a group of about 50 people flyfishing. Thanks for the great site "AT LAST" Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA

Thank you! ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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