January 31th, 2005

Grow Fly Fishing
By James Castwell

I have an idea for a new organization; I think I can put it together. It should be of great value to fly-fishing now and for many years to come. It will grow and continue the spread of our sport into the unforeseeable future. Many have thought the work of conservation of our fishing resources was just a failing to face the enviable. Eventually there would be no more of it. Our civilization and culture simply would overtake our resources and utilize our assets for the most good for the largest percentages of our population. That all we were doing was slowing down the complete demise of waters capable of holding fish.

The parts seem to be available to form the organization, "Grow Fly-Fishing." I will be the central figure in the formation, but it will be comprised of several facets. Each part contributing to the whole, that whole insuring that we, our children and theirs will for many generations have the same, if not even better, fly fishing conditions than we enjoy now.

Funding. One million dollars is all that is required to make this work, and that, although it may seem like a lot of money at this time, is of no problem. As each manufacturer of fly-fishing gear and associated merchandise will truly benefit from Grow-Fly-Fishing they will be assessed a small amount commensurate with the products they produce. For instance, a rod maker would pay so much for each foot of fly rod sold. Fly line producers would pay by the foot of line. Commercial fly tiers by the fly and so forth.

This money would go to an advertising agency to promote fly fishing world wide, concentrating first on the United States. As the interest in our sport grows so will the income of all those who produce for it, thus insuring a steady and growing income string for the continued growth of the program. It is possible that T.U. and F.F.F. would feel an income pinch at first but they soon should see an increase in registrations with our continued expansion.

It is entirely possible that they may actually wish to join ranks with us and merge in some way for the mutual benefit of all parties concerned. There of course would be administration costs as well which would be covered along with the investment in the advertising agency. The initial costs to the manufacturers would not be actually born by them but passed along to the customers in a slight price increase. This would cause a slight drop in sales which would be quickly recouped within the first six months of our program.

Sound fantastic? It is pure fiction? Think I am totally nuts? Could it happen? Perhaps. It already has started for another associated sport. Boating. Something to think about. ~ JC

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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