January 29th, 2007

Powerbait on my Waders
By James Castwell

Well, I bet it's been done. If not, I bet you will now think of it once in a while and wonder if it might work. Several brands out there. Grab a jar and smear a gob on the stinky stuff on your waders (hint* below the expected waterline will make a difference here) and just let the stream work for you for a change. Instead of the current being a liability, turn it into an asset. Make lemon-aid when life throws lemons at you.

I am not positive but it would seem like a wet-fly presentation might be indicated here, but one never can be too sure and a lot of trout have been 'engaged' on a down-stream 'dry fly swing.' It has been suggested to 'anoint' streamers, nymphs and such with some 'enhancement' but that seems unethical and possibly illegal too. You might want to check your local reg's on that one. Now, remember on this little secret, it is far more effective when you are actually wading in the stream and not worth hardly anything when you are fishing from shore, oh and actually from a boat it is even worse. Be sure to remove most of it before you exit the stream too, else it can become a few degrees past 'aromatic.'


On a totally different subject, I have been thinking how lucky or at least fortunate I think we are for the manufacturers we have these days. What I mean is that no matter what kind of, or size of, or color of, or almost any 'other' thing you might think you want or need for fly fishing it's available. It's been invented and manufactured already. Maybe not at the price you think you would like to get it for, but think about it, stuff is here. Anything you want. I'm not sure you can say that about a lot of other recreations.

I often hear growling from fly fishers about how something costs too much or 'this and that' about things, but, at least we have them to select from. That should count for something. And the manufacturers have competition which drives the quality up and the price down. Gotta love a business climate that does that. Some seem to think rod makers are trying to make all rods faster and cost more. They may make some fast but they make a full range of rods to fill the niches of the demand. A more fishable rod for everyone. You want slow, medium or fast, they make it; just don't pick a fast rod and grouse that is too fast.

Another thing that is developing. Local websites. Hurray. These have been a long time coming but they are getting more prevalent and they are good for us all. Nothing like local information to help us all out. There is not way we here at FAOL could begin to give you the on the spot insect hatches or water conditions or anything else for the exact section you might want to fish tomorrow. Only your local website guys can provide that. Be nice to them. They will continue to multiply. The good ones will get even better, the bad ones will fold. The American way; works every time. ~ James Castwell

Till next week, remember . . .

Keepest Thynne Baakast Upeth

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