January 26th, 2009

The Third Time is a Charm
By James Castwell

Oh no, here we go again. But I promise it is for the last time; more about Deanna's shoulder surgery. There is not a doctor in the world who would go in a forth time, and this next surgery will make number three. As you are undoubtedly aware, she had a major rotator cuff surgery some time ago, it got infected and did not heal well. Very painful and after a period of time the doctor went in again and tried to stitch some (there are several muscles all involved in there) things back together.

Not that anything had come loose. They just had not healed, stitched together. He went back in a second time and seemed to have gotten all the loose ends tied in (literally stitched tendons to her shoulder bone). She then started physical rehabilitation and some weight training to strengthen the area. After a few months of continuing pain, not as bad as before the second operation, but still way too much pain than there should be, we asked for yet another MRI (like an X-ray but much more detailed). It showed that there was still a ten percent area not tied in. One major muscle that just was not connected. No wonder it hurt.

We went over the images with him earlier this week and could plainly see the separation and the muscle involved. The muscle is strong, the weight training did help to make it strong, and we agreed to have him operate one last time if he would. He had a full board meeting that same evening with the other seven surgeons. The surgery will be in about two weeks.

We are not thrilled that she still has problems but are grateful that it seems to be operable and the doctor is willing to perform the job. She has actually, very good range of motion but this pain thing has to go. The prognosis is that it should be a small and simple operation, much smaller than the others and she should be pain free as there are no more loose ends in the picture. The worse case scenario is, she will be as she is now. Not pleasant to face but, not the probable outcome either.

She may miss putting up an issue somewhere along the line at that time. Her arm will be in a sling and she will be on a pretty good bunch of pain medications too but she has typed that way many times in the past. The arthritis in her left thumb is responding to the glove she wears at night and the carpel tunnel in her right hand seems to be calming down likewise. The pain from her facial cancer surgeries has subsided quite a bit and some of the feeling is even returning to that side of her face. The problem is, that when it does, it often hurts. You can't win them all. It has been hard on our little girl but she is a trouper and still holds her head as high as she can.

I lied. This will not be the last time I write about this. I will keep you posted on her progress. ~ James Castwell

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