Wasatch Custom Angling Products

Exactly the Right Tool for the Right Task

Wasatch Custom Angling Products is a small family owned business located in Ogden, Utah. The company was founded in 1994 with five basic tools and their products have grown to include over 60 custom tools (specialized for specific operations) and gift sets related to the hobby of fly tying. Their products are carried by over 600 fly shops in the USA and several national and international catalogs. They also sell in Europe, United Kingdom and Australia through a network of distributors in those areas.

Wasatch tools are manufactured in the United States. Most of the parts are fabricated in Springfield, Oregon and sent to Ogden, UT, where secondary operations are performed and polishing/assembly is completed. Each tool is inspected by the owner before shipment! Approximately 15% of the parts used in their tools come from other countries, including England, France, Germany, India, and Pakistan.

Wasatch Custom Angling Products unconditionally guarantees their products for your lifetime. If you have a problem with a Wasatch tool, just return it to their factory in Ogden, and they will replace it, no questions asked.

Wasatch feels that it is very important to the future of fly fishing that you support your local dealer. Dealers provide fly tying and fishing instruction and are the life blood that will enable our sport to grow. If you do not have a dealer near you that sells their products, please contact Wasatch and they will see that you receive the product support that you deserve.

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Wasatch Custom Angling Products
Dean Childs, Owner
1400 West Washington
Suite 104, Box 100
Sequim, WA 98382
Phone: 801.391.2326
Fax: 801.340.0072
E-mail: sales@flytyingtools.com

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