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Confused? Is Tenkara new to you? Ready to learn a new/old method which just might put some excitement and fun back into your fishing? Here is the place to begin: http://www.tenkarabum.com

Tenkara fishing is simple - it's fly fishing the way it used to be. Before things got complicated. Before you needed a truck to haul your gear and a second mortgage to pay for it. It's fishing with just a rod, a line and a fly. You don't use a reel, but then again, you don't need a reel when fishing small streams. And it is the ideal technique for fly fishing small streams.

Most Western anglers don't know what tenkara is - and I'm sure many will want to learn more after they first hear about it. Tenkara fishing is a technique all its own, and to do it well requires specialized equipment. It's easy to learn and it doesn't require expensive equipment, but it's hard to mimic with any other rod.

I feel it is a disservice to anglers to let comments that suggest tenkara is just dapping or glorified cane pole fishing go unchallenged. Similarly, I feel it is a disservice to them to let comments that suggest they've already been doing it for years without ever realizing it go unchallenged.

The truth is the Tenkara fishing method has been used in Japan for centuries. Tenkara is also the absolute best way for a beginner to learn fly fishing. It is intuitive. You can probably pick it up on your own in a fairly short period of time. The emphasis is not on matching the hatch or expensive equipment or casting lessons. It is on presentation: making the fly look like trout food (or bluegill food, for that matter).

Is it magic? Of course not. But you probably will catch more fish than you do now, particularly in the small, high gradient streams on which tenkara was developed and refined over hundreds of years. The presentation really is that much better than you can get with a shorter rod and heavier line.

Interested in learning more? Everything you need to know about Fly fishing with this exciting method, including the rods, lines and flies is on http://www.TenkaraBum.com



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