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Ron Kusse
There are hundreds of 'contemporary' rod makers out there. Some are making enough rods to really have the experience to call themselves Rod Makers. Others are more 'hobbists' who sell a few rods to friends and associates.

What makes Ron Kusse different? Fifty-four years of making cane rods.
One man, working alone to build fine rods. To quote Ron, "all products are produced by my two hands."

Ron will tell you a cane rod will do anything a graphite rod can do. Don't believe it? Stop by the Chat Room and talk to "QC" - he's a frequent evening visitor, and Host of the Thursday evening Cane Chat.

Have you ever cast a Quadrate rod? Quadrates are four-sided. The action of the quadrate blanks is medium-fast, giving great performance. Quads as they are called are also more difficult to build.

Ron's Shop
Besides 'Quad' and the usual 'Hex' (hexagonal or six-strip rod,) Ron also produces fine blanks. If you have always wanted a fine bamboo rod here is the way to have one for a fraction of the finished cost. Ron also sells all the fittings necessary to finish the rod - (which he also produces) but only to those building rods from his blanks.

The Elfin is here! For those who make the decision to fish cane, the choice is made with the heart as much as the mind. It is more than returning to a tradition. It is the choice to join nature with a rod which was a living, breathing part of that world.

Considering cane? Talk to Ron about your desires - and questions. For more information, check out the Ron Kusse website. ~ Deanna Birkholm, Publisher FAOL

Ron Kusse Rods
P.O. Box 244
Washingtonville N.Y. 10992
Tel: (845) 496-7187 Fax: (845) 496-6504
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Ron Kusse interview on NBC (April 1989 - Sunday TODAY show)

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